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The Flowtivity Process™


What is your pain point? Tax return efficiency? Audit profitability? Lack of quality work?

Is process important in your firm?  You combine people, knowledge, formulas, software, and hardware to produce a product. Your firm essentially “manufactures” audits, tax returns, financial statements and payrolls every day. Your team goes through processes to produce the end results. Are these processes efficient and consistent? Do they produce the same results with the same amount of work every time?

The Flowtivity Process is a dynamic solution to an age old problem, finding and eliminating inefficiencies within CPA firms.   We apply a proprietary blend of Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Workflow/Constraint Management principles to accounting processes; eliminating non-value added steps, improving flow of work, and building quality into every process so that CPA firms can maximize the value of their work and improve their bottom lines.

Our programs produce quantifiable financial improvements by helping you:

  • Decrease hours per engagement
  • Achieve greater realization
  • Lower cost per engagement
  • Increase your flexibility and leverage
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase opportunities for niche and client value-add service delivery

Significant gains in productivity will not just come from implementing new technology or learning about “best practices” at a conference.  They come from implementing proven workflow improvement techniques that are customized to your firm, your people and your culture.  Actual results from firm deployments include:

  • Reduced the average number of days from issuing audited financial statements after fieldwork from an average of 34 days to an average of 16 days during the first season of implementation.
  • Improved throughput of business tax returns and individual tax returns an average of 8% during the first busy season of implementation, utilizing 10% less charge hours to get this work done.
  • First year gains in realization of up to 11%.
  • Increased average realized billable rate per hour by more than $15/hr.

How do you get started?

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How do you get started?

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