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The P3 Leadership Academy


Concerned about preparing your emerging leaders for their future at your firm?

Is succession of your current leadership team a concern when you think about who the next leaders will be?

Are your emerging leaders hungry for new information in order to manage better?

Looking for innovative ways to engage the next group of leaders in your firm?

Our P3 Leadership Academy™ will help your firm!

Our mission is to make people successful and future-ready. Our question to you is, what will it cost you if you’re not investing in your emerging leaders?

Our P3 Leadership Academy™ focuses on developing and elevating the middle of your firm to cultivate astute leaders in the areas of people / team management, planning and processes.

During our three-year program your emerging leaders will learn to develop their soft skills in self-management, client management, team management as well as skills for practice development. There are two sessions each year, and they meet for a day and a half each session.

Video: Why I Enrolled in The P3 Leadership Academy (comments from members of one of our Midwest groups, 2 minutes).

Video: Should You Enroll in The P3 Leadership Academy? (comments from members of one of our Midwest groups, 2 minutes).

Highlights of the Program:

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  • Facilitated Learning Curriculum - Valuable curriculum has been built into each session that hit on the hot topics of the profession today. The curriculum is facilitated by a Boomer Staff Member who will bring their knowledge of the topics to the participants and give them the opportunity to learn soft skills to overcome obstacles as a future leader in their firm.

    Video: What We Do in Our Sessions (comments from members of one of our Midwest groups, 2 minutes).

  • Accountability and Peer Networking – Each class will be together for the entire 3-year period and they will build and strengthen those relationships. The participants will also be held accountable by their peer group which strengthens the community and trust.

    Video: What I Like Best About the P3 Leadership Academy (comments from members of one of our Midwest groups, 2 minutes)

  • Out-of-Class Projects that will be geared towards your firms Strategic Plan! These projects are chosen by the participant and their firm Partner. The participant will be responsible for managing that project until it is completed. Check out our list of Project Ideas

    Video: What I do in The P3 Leadership Academy (comments from members of one of our Midwest groups, 2 minutes).

  • Presentation Skills – Each participant will be presenting project updates throughout the program. This gives them the experience with public speaking and they will receive valuable feedback from our facilitator. The facilitator will give them tips and tricks to become an even better presenter.

  • Minimal Outside Work – Aside from their firm project, participants will have minimal out-of-class work. They will have one book to read prior to each class, and the tools built into each session can be used in the daily function of their job.

  • CPE Credit – Each participant can earn up to 21 CPE Hours each year.

Two ways to participate in the P3 Leadership Academy

2015 Sessions

In-House Sessions

These classes are started each year for a group of future leaders to come together, network, collaborate and grow into astute leaders at their firms. It is a non-threatening environment and a place for them to receive, and give, valuable feedback from peers throughout the country.If you have 15+ emerging leaders that you would like to develop, Boomer Consulting can come to you. With our In-House Leadership Academy, all of your emerging leaders will be brought together to develop their soft skills and to network and build valuable relationships with each other. These relationships will be an asset for your firm as they become leaders and work together on the future vision of the firm.



Photo: Sandra WileySandra Wiley

Sandra Wiley, COO, is ranked by Accounting Today as one of the 100 most influential people in accounting as a result of her prominent role as an industry expert on HR and training as well as influence as a management and planning consultant. Sandra is a certified Kolbe™ trainer who advises firms on building balanced teams, managing employee conflict and hiring staff.

Cancellations / Refunds
The fees for this program are non-refundable. However, in the event of an emergency, sessions may be made up on a space-available basis for up to 90 days after the originally scheduled session.
CPE Information

Learning Objectives: Learn new management skills and improve your ability to direct the functions of planning, people and processes through Professional Facilitation, Individual Coaching, Individual Firm Projects, Networking with Peers and Bench Marking.

Program Level: Update

Field of Study: Business Management and Organization

Instructional Method: Group Live

No prerequisite courses, advance preparation or experience is required for admittance to this conference.

Recommended CPE Credit: Up to 16 hours for a 2 day course

For additional information regarding administrative policies such as complaint or refund, please contact Sue Thiemann at or by phone 888-266-6375.

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