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FAQs - About My Account

How to Register an Account

  • Visit the Registration Page
  • Select Your Member Type
  • Create your username and select what areas of the Knowledge Base you would like to access
  • Enter additional account information

Getting Started With Your New Profile

  • On login, you will be asked to customize notifications for this account.
  • After confirming your notifications, you may edit your profile (on the right side of the screen).
    • Update your email addressUpdate your username to something that you can remember.
    • Update any additional information in your firm profile.
  • Go look at the Knowledge Network Groups page and view/join the Knowledge Base areas of interest. 
    • Subscribe to mail alerts for forum areas, library articles, and more.

How to Change Your Username or Password

  • If you do not know your Username or Password:
  • To change your username or password when logged in:
    • Visit Edit Your Profile
    • The first few fields on this page are username and password. 

Editing Your Member Profile

  • Choose [Edit My Profile] from the right side navigation pane. From here you can update and add as much individual information as you like. 
    • The Member Search can search using the information in your profile.  Filling your profile out completely will improve the chances of someone finding you, and vice versa.

Changing Your Preferences for Email and Profile Privacy

  • To adjust your preferences, click [My Preferences] on the right side navigation pane.
  • Here is a summary of each type of preference you can customize
    • Connections
      • You can connect to other BKN users.  These connections show up on your profile, and can include people inside and outside of your firm. 
    • Groups
      • You can elect to receive emails about new members of your groups (for example, the Forums or a Circle area), profile updates and other selections
    • Messaging
      • The BKN offers the ability to send messages to others online.  These preferences allow you to receive emails when you receive a message to your online inbox.
    • Profile
      • The BKN offer a live chat feature.  The "Display my 'Online Now'..." preference allows other to chat with you.

How to Search for and Join Groups

You can search for specific groups at the Groups home page. Upon visiting a specific group’s home page, you may request to join that group by selecting [Join Group]. After a short admin review, you will receive notification that you are now a part of that group.

How to Connect with Other BKN Users (setting up your network)

Use the Community Search box in the upper right corner of every page to search for other BKN users. Visit the select user’s member page and click [Add Connection] to send a connection request.

How to Communicate with Other BKN Users

To send a message to another BKN user, visit that person’s profile page and click [Message Me]. If he or she is online, you will also have the opportunity to chat from this location. If the person is indicated as [Online Now], you will have the option to open a chat session by selecting [click to chat].

How to Register for Events / Meetings

Visit the Events area and follow the instructions for the specific event.

How to Link Your Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts to the BKN


  • Click [My Networks] on the right side navigation list
  • Enter Facebook as the network entry
  • Login to your Facebook account in a separate tab or window
  • Click on [Profile]
  • Copy the URL of this page into the Link to Profile entry
  • Click [Add Network]
  • Your public Facebook page will now be listed and will open in a new window
  • Click [My Networks] on the right side navigation list
  • Enter LinkedIn as the network entry
  • Login to your LinkedIn account in a separate tab or window
  • Click [Account & Settings]
  • Look for Public Profile under Profile Settings
  • Copy and paste your LinkedIn Public Profile URL into the Link to Profile entry
  • Click [Add Network]
  • Your public LinkedIn page will now be listed and will open in a new window
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