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FAQs - About My Firm Account
Members of the Boomer Technology Circles™, Vendor Sponsors and BKN Full Firm Members have the ability to add, remove and change who has access to the BKN in your firm. This account also has a profile, so you can add additional information about your firm, including a company logo, firm bio and more.   
The firm account is not intended to be used as your individual account. Please see below for instructions on adding your individual account to the BKN if you would like to participate.
If you are a member, feel free to view the video overview of Firm Accounts in the BKN Support area.
Getting Started with Your Firm Account
  • On login, you will be asked to customize notifications for this account.Since this is your firm-wide account, most notifications have been turned off.
  • After confirming your notifications, you may edit your firm's profile (on the right side of the screen).
    • Update your email address.This can be a custom email address you set up for the BKN, or a firm-wide contact email address ( may contact this address for business information, so a firm-wide email address is recommended.
    • Update your firm username to something that you can remember.
    • Update any additional information in your firm profile.
  • Add people to your firm by clicking on "My Sub-accounts”.
    • Adding people is as simple as inviting them via their e-mail address.
    • Some people are already in our site, they will be asked to connect their account to your firm.
    • If the person does not have an account, they will be invited to create one

How to Help Your Members get Access to Groups in the Knowledge Network

  • Have your firm members visit the Group Home by visiting the Knowledge Network and choose a group to gain access to
  • Some groups need special permission to access.If you are a member of the Boomer Technology Circles™, for example, you may wish others in your firm to have access to your Circle.In this case, have your firm members request access to join the Group.
  • We process group requests on a regular basis.Your firm members will be added soon.

How to Add or Remove Members to Your Firm Account

  • Log in to your Firm Account
  • On the right hand side of the web page, click on [Manage Profile]
  • In the first section of Manage Profile, click on [Manage Sub-Accounts]
  • On this page, you can:
    • Add new people to your account (top section)
    • Update or remove people (bottom section)
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