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The Boomer Bulletin - 2014
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See a Lot by Just Looking

Posted By Scott Morrill, Monday, September 15, 2014

"You can observe a lot by watching.” Yogi BerraClick for bio

Yogi Berra was "one of the greatest ever” at something. His something happened to be baseball and he’s considered one of the best catchers to ever play the game. But Berra was also one of those few who excelled as a doer, and then again as a leader and a teacher. As a player, he was on ten World Series winning teams, and as a manager, he took teams from two different leagues to the World Series. Yet Americans today may know more of his contributions to our vernacular than of his achievements in baseball. Not bad for a guy who stopped going to school after the eighth grade.

Sal Khan is an educator who is being credited for revolutionizing education using video and online learning. Ironically, Khan could be the poster child for the value of higher education. He served as the class president his senior year at MIT where he earned a BS in mathematics, and a BS and MS in electrical engineering and computer science. He also tacked on an MBA from Harvard. But on his website for the Khan Academy, he says:

"You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.”

One thing these two people validate is that our traditional education system isn’t the only path to success.

Think for a minute about how revolutionary this moment in time might be. Imagine the potential that could be unlocked if every person on earth had the opportunity to learn what they want and need to learn exactly when they want and need to learn. Children could learn at their own pace instead of at the average pace of their environment. Subject matter experts could spend their time as coaches and mentors instead of as lecturers.

Now imagine people willing to share information without cost, possibly because they believe cooperation and collaboration are competitively more beneficial than holding close secrets. Imagine you are now living in the dawning of a new era. How will you respond?

Boomer Consulting is beginning its fifteenth year and from the beginning, our Boomer Technology Circles™ were built to promote sharing information between peers. In 2006 we began using video to capture some of that information and we began offering free access to some of our short-form videos in 2007. We have expanded our catalogue of free intellectual capital ever since and currently, any visitor to our website can get free access to:

Think, Plan, Grow!™ contains about two years’ worth of a variety of short postings that we consider to be representative of the content shared by our members. Within the blog you’ll find short articles, special features and spotlights, some marketing oriented material and several types of short-form video.

Many of the videos are excerpts from the presentations that our members or keynote speakers share at our meetings. For example, Think Mobile First is one of several excerpts we posted from our 2013 BTC Summit keynote speaker Rebecca Ryan. These types of videos usually give you a glimpse at bleeding edge ideas and implementations.

Some of our videos are vlogs which express the personal thoughts and opinions of our shareholders. All three of our shareholders are on the list of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People so they usually have something valuable to share. For example, Jim Boomer’s Cloud Ecosystems vlog is one of his many that deal with the issues surrounding cloud computing in the accounting profession. Jim tends to speak frequently about technology, Sandra about personnel and management, and Gary about partner and leadership issues.

Some of our favorite videos are often the unplanned, off-the-cuff comments or responses that catch people doing what they do naturally. These are usually very insightful and they probably do the best job of conveying what people are like in their normal interactions with other people. For example, in The Happiness Advantage, Sandra speaks informally about something important to her before the start of a P3 Leadership Academy session. And in Three Trends in the Profession, Gary takes a few minutes to respond after hearing a presentation at one of the Boomer Technology Circle™ meetings.

Which Video is Worth Watching?

According to YouTube, there are about 100 hours of video uploaded to their site for each minute of the day, so we’re doing two things to try to help you filter the good from the bad.

First, we’re using a blog on our website so that we can limit what is presented. We try to select "the best of the best” for Think, Plan, Grow!™ so if it’s on our website, somebody has already decided there’s some value to the content.

We’ve also empowered our members, and only our members, with the ability to add comments so that the content can be furthered filtered. Did you watch a video and like it? Put a note on it so the next person will know whether to watch it or not. Did you think it was bad or inaccurate? Again, log in and make a comment so that we can make better decisions in the future.

Yes Yogi, these days you can really learn a lot by just looking around. You’re welcome!


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