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The Boomer Bulletin - 2015
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Scaling a Growing Practice Efficiently Through Workflow Automation

Posted By Scalus, Monday, December 7, 2015

Article provided by Boomer Technology Circle™ sponsoring partner Scalus.

Deploying a technology solution that automates repetitive tasks, empowers the team, collaborates with clients, improves accuracy, and saves time & money can be beneficial to any growing practice. Workflow Automation helps you track projects, and communicate with staff and clients, eliminating the need for status updates. It also alleviates the all too common problem of living in our email inbox due to the cc’ing cycle that fills it up on projects we may or may not need to be watching. Workflow automation tools enable partners to regain control of the practice.

There is a reason workflow is the #1 tech concern for firms of all sizes, time management and limited resources are the highest expense. No matter what type of firm you have and what services are offered, every practice has a set of routine tasks that must be completed on a regular basis. These repetitive processes, like in the HR department for example, can be completely automated and have an audit trail attached for accountability. Case in point, a new hire onboarding process can be launched through a template, and each step that is set up is not only tracked but the baton is automatically passed from one employee to the next based on the task at hand. Here is an example template that could be setup and deployed for each new hire, and tracked within the system as well as monitored in a dashboard by management:

  • Candidate is interviewed
  • Candidate is approved by department manager
  • HR sends new hire offer letter
  • Candidate accepts job offer
  • HR processes new hire for drug screening and background check
  • Results come back approved
  • Hardware is ordered by IT department
  • HR department sets up new employee file
  • Employee returns new hire packet
  • IT department establishes security passcodes and distributes keys
  • Payroll, Insurance etc. are setup

These templates and projects can be deployed on a singular basis or recurring for things like end of month bank reconciliations, payroll processing and 1099’s. Each step is set up as a task and then each task can be assigned to a person or team. Templates can be setup as recurring on any frequency that the team requires, and can also be changed or customized for a one-off project.

Each team member receives an email notification when it’s their turn to complete their part of any given process.  Each team member will also receive a daily digest of each task that needs to be completed that day and managers can pull from the dashboard a report that shows them priorities of the department.  Reducing errors and preventing tasks from sitting in your team’s inboxes or worse, falling through the cracks and not getting accomplished at all.

Having workflow automation software also empowers your team to successfully manage their own work relieving managers from having to micromanage staff. You can see exactly what everyone is doing and not doing, allowing you to keep work flowing and clearing any bottlenecks the firm may have.

This type of workflow automation creates a team that’s effective and efficient in completing their tasks as well as improving internal communication, which reduces employee turnover. Lack of communication is one of the top five reasons employees leave an organization. Workflow automation automates communication, so no one person is responsible to remember to tell the next team member that it’s their turn next in any successive chain.

Collaboration is vital in any successful practice, not just for the internal team, but client collaboration is also an excellent benefit of efficient workflow automation software. A program that notifies the client on status updates so they don’t have to ask will not only increase client satisfaction but also retention. Clients can email directly into the system to create a task and staff can designate users as external so they don’t see all the notes in a project that may not be necessary for the client to see.

Which brings us to the next benefit of efficient workflow automation software; now that you no longer have to micromanage your team, you can focus on growing your business. Establishing an approval hierarchy ensures that the boss doesn’t have to be involved in every step unless they want to be. Scalus is workflow automation done right. Try risk free!

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