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Trends Around Commoditization

Posted By Administration, Thursday, July 02, 2015

Want to know what we were talking about two years ago?

Fees for regulated offerings are going to continue to have pressure, because it’s sequential and your clients think any trained monkey can do it. And with regulations it's getting harder and harder to be creative in this space – so you’ll continue to see a race to the bottom. So you’ve got to choose if you’re going to grow by market share or, true innovators in this space – and this is one of the reasons I love this conference, because I think Boomer works with some of the most innovative firms in the world – true innovators are going to be like margin squeezing ninjas. They’re going to figure out how to…

Economist and Futurist Rebecca Ryan summarizes trends associated with commoditization in the accounting industry in this one-minute excerpt from her keynote presentation “Is Your Firm Future Ready?” which was recorded in August 2013 at the Boomer Technologies Circles™ Summit in Kansas City. If interested, you can watch some of her other excerpts in these previous Think, Plan, Grow!™ posts:

We're super excited about the three keynote speakers coming to this year's Summit but don’t think that BTC Summit is a typical conference.  Summit is first and foremost a meeting time for several relatively smaller communities. They also share time for the keynote presentations, social events and the opportunity to collaborate with more than 30 of the biggest and brightest companies that offer help to public accounting firms.  Visit our 2015 BTC Summit webpage to see how easy it is to connect with some of the most influential people in public accounting.


Tags:  2013  BTC Summit  Rebecca Ryan  Trends 

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What is the value of a one page strategic plan?

Posted By Jim Boomer, Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Too often you are given the binder with a giant strategic plan and it goes up on the bookshelf and it starts to gather dust, never to be referenced again. So when you get it down to a single page, one, it forces you to…"

Jim Boomer reminds you of the most important reasons for completing a strategic plan. Download a free copy of our Boomer Advantage Guide to Strategic Planning by clicking on the link below or visit our Strategic Planning page for information about our services.

Click to go to download page

3 minutes


Tags:  2015  blog  Jim Boomer  leadership  Strategic Planning 

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Top Issues Facing Young Professionals

Posted By Tom Hood, Friday, June 19, 2015

" here’s the universal firm mission statement, 'get more clients and make more money,' right? Does that sound like your mission statement? That’s what I hear a lot. That's not inspirational and that’s not what they mean by that. So what they mean is, making the work meaningful; like, why do you really exist? The best story I have of that is..."

Tom Hood gives tips for retaining top talent in this excerpt from his presentation "Preparing for the Shift Change in Accounting," recorded August 19, 2014 at the 2014 Boomer Technology Circles™ Summit in Kansas City, MO.

Visit our 2015 BTC Summit webpage to see how easy it is to connect with some of the brightest and most influential people in public accounting.

3 minutes


Tags:  2014  BTC Summit  Business Learning Institute  culture  Emerging Leaders  Generational Issues  leadership  Retention  Talent  team building  Tom Hood 

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Becoming Indispensable, Part Two

Posted By Arianna Campbell, Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Being truly indispensable requires you to be more than just task oriented. The Harvard Business Review article, Making Yourself Indispensable, advises that it is best to “develop skills that complement what you already do best.” The article goes on to list five main categories for professional development with corresponding competencies..."

Arianna Campbell prescribes a process to ensure that your professional skills are indispensable in part two from her article on "Becoming Indispensable."

4 minutes


Tags:  2015  Arianna Campbell  blog  personal development  Talent 

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Four Step Training Model

Posted By Dustin Hostetler, Thursday, June 04, 2015

"One of the areas that we are seeing a significant, positive trend within firms that we work with and who go through the Flowtivity Process is the upfront training that new employees to the firm receive as a compliment to a better process, a more defined process.

"Investing time in training and development, collaborating with those new employees leads to great productivity benefits. You have to invest time to save time."

Dustin Hostetler describes one benefit process improvement brings to a training program. To learn about implementing a process improvement project, click on the "Flowtivity Process" logo.


To learn about Leadership development, click on either logo below:


7 minutes


Tags:  2015  blog  Dustin Hostetler  Emerging Leaders  leadership  Lean Six Sigma  performance management  process improvement  Talent  Training and Learning 

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The Emerging Leader Track at The 2015 BTC Summit

Posted By Sandra Wiley, Thursday, May 28, 2015

What will it cost you if you don’t invest in your emerging leaders? Retention? Succession? Settling in the status quo while technology leaves you behind?

"Things change every year for all of us, and for them it is the same. I want them to feel confident that what they're talking about is good stuff. I want them to feel so confident that they will help you build your firm, they will want to stay there, they will want to be a part of the future. And that is what we can do for you..."

Are your emerging leaders hungry for information in order to better manage the firm of the future? Sandra Wiley invites your participation in the Emerging Leader track at the 2015 BTC Summit. Find information about developing Emerging Leaders here:

But don’t just take our word for it. Turn in to our free webinar on June 2, 2015 to hear how Jessica Yoder describes her experience with The P3 Leadership Academy™ and ask her the questions that most concern you about us.

4 minutes


Tags:  2015  blog  Emerging Leaders  Generational Issues  leadership  motivation  Networking  personal development  retention  Sandra Wiley  Succession  Talent  Training and Learning 

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What makes a next generation leader?

Posted By Jim Boomer, Thursday, May 21, 2015

"...often times we hear that current leaders lack the level of confidence they would like to have, in terms of their next generation of leaders, yet at the same time what they're doing is cutting the development investment that's being put into that group. So it's a little head scratching..."

Jim Boomer makes the claim that leadership skills, much like any other skill, require investment.

5 minutes


Tags:  2015  Blog  Emerging Leaders  Generational Issues  Jim Boomer  leadership  personal development  Succession  Talent 

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Strategic planning helps…

Posted By Sandra Wiley, Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Strategic a road map. It doesn't mean you can’t take some little deviations here and there but at the end of the day you come back to the road map, you follow the road map, and you become successful."

Sandra Wiley gives a couple of reasons to explain why strategic planning is important to successful firms.  Visit our Strategic Planning web page to get a free copy of The Boomer Advantage Guide to Strategic Planning.

5 minutes


Tags:  2015  Blog  leadership  Sandra Wiley  Strategic Planning 

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Compliance, Advisory, Strategic. Where are you most valuable?

Posted By L. Gary Boomer, Thursday, May 07, 2015

"I believe if you're above the line as a trusted adviser, your margins are going to be greater, as will your profits, and you will also be able to retain the client longer."

Gary Boomer discusses the value of Client Advisory Services and the role that technology has had in providing insight and foresight to your clients. Learn more by exploring information about The Producer Circle™ and the CAS Transformation.

3 minutes


Tags:  Client Advisory Services  L. Gary Boomer  leadership  Producer Circle 

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Meet Dustin Hostetler

Posted By Dustin Hostetler, Thursday, April 30, 2015

"The feedback we had from that office was incredible; comments like "this was the best busy season that we've ever had." At that point I knew we were on to something. It was extremely rewarding to hear the positive feedback and that these process improvement techniques, that started off in other industries, could work and do apply to tax returns processes, audit processes, you name it within a CPA firm..."

New Shareholder Dustin Hostetler describes his background and shares how he applied Lean and Six Sigma concepts to the accounting profession.

4 minutes


Tags:  2015  Blog  Dustin Hostetler  leadership  Lean Six Sigma  Processes  Trends 

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