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What makes a good Technology Committee?

Posted By Jim Boomer, Thursday, February 26, 2015

"One of the big things about, and drivers for having a technology committee, is because there really are no IT projects anymore; there are only firm projects which have technology intertwined with them.  So it's important that there be…"

Jim Boomer speaks about the benefits of developing a firm IT Committee in this recording from March 2014.

3 minutes


Tags:  2014 Blog  CIO  IT Department  Jim Boomer  practice management  Technology  Technology Plan 

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What if You Don't Train Your People?

Posted By Tom Hood, Thursday, February 19, 2015

"We put it this way, we like to say in a period of rapid change and increasing complexity, the winners are going to be those people who can actually learn faster than the rate of change and faster than the competition.  And that applies to individuals as well as organizations."  Tom Hood, an excerpt from his presentation "Preparing for the Shift Change in Accounting," recorded August 19, 2014 at the 2014 Boomer Technology Circles™ Summit in Kansas City, MO.

3 minutes


Tags:  2014 Summit  Business Leadership Institute  Emerging Leaders  leadership  Talent  Tom Hood  training 

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Technology Surcharge

Posted By L. Gary Boomer, Thursday, February 12, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"...we really didn't know how much we were spending on technology because our firm, like many other firms, were using a concept called peanut butter accounting; spread it thin and no one would know how much we're spending…"

3 minutes


Tags:  2014 Blog  budgeting  Growth  L. Gary Boomer  leadership 

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Process improvement from the viewpoint of a Managing Partner

Posted By Dennis Sherrin, Friday, February 06, 2015

"We went through the process, and you’ve probably heard of it, Lean Six Sigma, Lean processing.  They’re manufacturing terms that have been applied, not just to the accounting industry but engineering firms, architecture firms; a lot of different arenas.  Just like anything else..."

Dennis Sherrin, Managing Partner of Hartmann, Blackmon & Kilgore P.C., speaks about his firm's experience with Lean Six Sigma during a Boomer Technology Circles™ meeting session called "Idea Factory," a session where members share an idea that has made a positive difference within their firm.  Recorded in May, 2011.

5 minutes


Tags:  2011 Spring  Audit Process  boomer technology circles  Dennis Sherrin  Hartmann Blackmon and Kilgore  Idea Factory  Lean Six Sigma  processes  Tax Process 

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Process Improvement

Posted By Jim Boomer, Thursday, January 29, 2015

"So what are the results you can expect?  Well, you can identify wasted time and money; hidden dollars start to show themselves.  Moral and job satisfaction improve because people are more efficient and aren’t wasting time doing meaningless tasks or redundant tasks.  You have more consistent and effective work.  And really, you can ramp up new hires or people that transfer within your organization; the amount of time that it takes to get them up to speed is reduced.  Another question I often get is..."

 4 minutes


Tags:  2014 Blog  Audit Process  Jim Boomer  Lean Six Sigma  Processes  Tax Process 

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Six Fundamentals for Future Success

Posted By Tom Hood, Thursday, January 22, 2015

"So fifty percent on top of that are what we call disengaged, what’s that mean?  You’re renting their time.  So they come in they give you their eight hours, then they go home and they turn…"

Tom Hood introduces six hot topics in this excerpt from his 2014 Boomer Technology Circle™ Summit keynote presentation, "Preparing for the Shift Change in Accounting."

3 minutes


Tags:  2014 Summit  Business Leadership Institute  collaboration  Emerging Leaders  leadership  Talent  Tom Hood 

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Technology Reviews

Posted By L. Gary Boomer, Friday, January 16, 2015

" In the future I believe that most of your benefit and return on investment from technology will come in the area of innovation.  The change in technology that's occurring today is that more and more dollars are being invested in offering client services..."

3 minutes


Tags:  2014 Blog  Cloud Computing  L. Gary Boomer  leadership  Technology  The Technology Plan 

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Mobile App Development

Posted By Jim Boomer, Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"If we look at the profession today I’d day there's still a relatively small number of firms that have successfully developed mobile applications, but the interest is growing rapidly and the firms that are taking this on as an initiative are growing pretty quickly.  Now I just want to walk you through some important questions that you should look at before you jump into developing a mobile app because if you don't think about these things beforehand this can turn into a big, big money and time pit for you..."

4 minutes


Tags:  2014 Blog  Business Development  Communication  Jim Boomer  Marketing  Technology 

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5 Success Differentiators for 2015

Posted By Gary Boomer, Tuesday, January 06, 2015

As you look to begin a successful 2015, here are 5 success differentiators you should consider:

  1. Invest in Practice Management – The Winning is Everything conference is the premier practice management event of the year. It is being held January 28-30, 2015 in Las Vegas. It’s not too late to register

  2. Improve Accountability - Is your vision and plan up to date?  Are you future ready and positioned to sustain success in this rapidly changing environment? Accountability starts at the top.  Make sure you are leveraging your resources and focusing on your top priorities.  It is easy to stay busy.  It is difficult to stay focused. Visit to learn how to get started.

  3. Better Leverage Technology - The Boomer Technology Circles are communities of IT professionals and firm leaders who share best practices and lessons learned in order to get the most benefit from the use of technology. Member firms meet 3 times a year and each firm is represented by both a Partner and IT Leader. Visit to learn about joining.

  4. Improve Your Workflow - The game has changed, but have your processes?  Firms are experiencing significant time savings in tax preparation, time entry, billing and collection as well as advisory services through a Lean CPA process review. Visit for more information. 

  5. Offer Advisory Services - Is your firm prepared to play above the line,where the growth in demand, revenue and margins is occurring? It requires a different level of thinking and a change in the business model.  The Producer Circle will provide your firm with a community of peers, access to leading vendors and tools. Visit to learn about joining.

Start now and experience the rewards throughout 2015.


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Khan Academy Impact

Posted By Tom Hood, Friday, December 26, 2014
Updated: Tuesday, December 02, 2014

"So now that C or D person, when they move to the next level, they don’t have the foundational concepts down, right?  Now they’re building on a very fragile foundation and it gets worse as they go through the progression.  So what Khan did is say that we’ve got to make sure they understand those key concepts before they move to the next level..."

Tom Hood answers a question about the Khan Academy during his keynote address at the 2014 Boomer Technology Circle™ Summit in Kansas City.

2 minutes


Tags:  2014 Summit  Business Leadership Institute  Learning Ladders  Tom Hood  training 

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