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Frequently Asked Questions About The EPC Method for CPAs

Gary Boomer Interviews Bob Esperti and Renno Peterson about The EPC Method for CPAs

1. Why are CPA's so important to this process?

2. What is the benefit to the CPA's Client?

3. How is this service valuable to the CPA?

4. Is this a proven service?

5. What unique advantage does the CPA have?

6. Is this a turnkey operation?

7. Why is this process so important to implement over the next two to three years?

8. How does this impact succession plans and buy/sell agreements?

9. How might this program help the CPA firm internally with their own succession plans and buy/sell agreements?

10. How often are most insurance policies reviewed in today's market?

11. Describe the difference between selling insurance and placing insurance.

12. How do IRAs and insurance compare in regard to wealth transfer?

13. What does this process offer that's better for the client than his or her normal options?

14. Other than age, what is the primary factor in determining cost of insurance?

15. How have you employed technology in your process to ensure the outcomes?

16. Will the CPA have access to those tools and how will they access those tools?

17. What's the value proposition for the CPA's client?

18. What will be the CPA's responsibilities?

19. What is the typical time frame of this process?

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