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FAQs - About The P3 Leadership Academy

1. Who Should Enroll?

Future Leaders - including Emerging Leaders, New Partners, Managers, C-Suite Professionals and Administrators.

2. What is the value our emerging leaders will receive by attending The P3 Leadership Academy?

Your emerging leaders will develop relationships with one another and learn from each other’s experiences. This will help ensure your firm’s next generation of leadership work well with one another. Your emerging leaders will develop specific goals and responsibilities to support the organization as a whole. Each emerging leader you enroll in The P3 Leadership Academy will feel much more a part of your organization’s future and will be able to influence the growth and improvement of your organization. Your emerging leaders have the technical skills. However, this program will develop them into leaders that will help make your organization successful and future ready.

3. What value will our emerging leaders bring back to the firm?

As a partner, you will have the confidence that you have a group of emerging leaders well on their way to future leadership/partnership status, giving the organization long-term growth. Even if your emerging leaders don’t become partners, your emerging leaders will operate at a higher level, reducing some of the pressure from the partner group. Also, as part of the program, your emerging leader will develop a project, with your partner groups’ approval, that will directly benefit your organization. Projects can be anything, such as: client satisfaction surveys, development of a new niche, six-sigma process improvements, etc.

4. What if we invest in developing our emerging leaders and they leave the organization?

What if you don’t invest in developing your emerging leaders and they stay in your organization? One of the best ways to keep your high- performing staff is to develop them into better leaders. High- performers are life-long learners and always looking for ways to get better and offer more value to your organization.

5. What is the cost-benefit analysis?

We have been making CPA firms successful and future ready for 20 years. A multi-year leadership training program is always more beneficial than a one-time conference. However, the cost of The P3 Leadership Academy is no more expensive than a one-time conference. The real value of the program happens in-between the meetings when participants are working on their project and meeting goals outlined in their game plans. This is where your organization directly benefits. Participants in The P3 Leadership Academy are held accountable to the game plans they create at each meeting. Your emerging leader will attend 2, 1 ½ day meetings per year for 3 years.

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