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Thursday, January 21, 2016

9:30 - 10:45

Innovation: Is Your Firm Serious and Future-ready?

L. Gary Boomer


Presented by L. Gary Boomer, Gary Farrar, Gordon Viere, & Ron Baker

​In order to compete in an increasingly commoditized environment, firms need to get serious about two things: the future, and innovation. The modern CPA firm must commit itself to creating a unique identity in it’s market in every respect. From human capital, to technology, to process improvement, hear from this panel of inspired innovators about their travels and travails through the process of implementing “disruptive” ideas. Moderated by Gary Boomer, this panel will cover each panelist’s unique contribution to the accounting industry, what catalyzed their ingenuity, how they arrived at solutions, and how the implementation and execution of these ideas were set into motion.

Supporting Materials

1:15 - 2:30

Next Generation: Firm of the Future - Part 1

Jim Boomer

L. Gary Boomer


Presented by Jim Boomer, Allison Harrell, Justin O’Horo, & L. Gary Boomer

The future of your firm is dependent upon a smooth transition from this generation's leaders to the next. Passing the baton can be tricky when those two generations approach leadership so differently. Hear from both emerging leaders and seasoned partners how they have approached this transition, what has been successful in that approach and where they have faced challenges. What might young, up-and-coming leaders need to know that they may not? What might current leaders need to understand about the next generation that they may not? Join this panel discussion featuring young partners and Advisory Board member Gary Boomer as they discuss their shared - and sometimes conflicting visions for the accounting firm of the future. Jim Boomer will moderate as the two generations brainstorm around collaborating to achieve combined goals.

2:45 - 4:00

Next Generation: Firm of the Future - Part 2

Jim Boomer


Presented by Jim Boomer, Chet Buchman, Steven Harris, & Gary Shamis

Jim Boomer will moderate as two generations discuss the challenges faced when passing off the leadership baton from one generation to the next. How do you prepare for this day given the significant cultural differences in these generations? What do current leaders need to know about this transition that they may not? How can these generational differences be leveraged to achieve greater success? Get a different take in Part II of this panel discussion featuring young partners and Advisory Board member Gary Shamis as they discuss strategies to bridge the generation gap while making this key transition.

The New Face of Engagement

Sandra Wiley

Presented by Sandra Wiley

Engagement is a word you are familiar with due to its overuse in our world today. What does it really mean and more importantly, what can you do in 2016 to ensure you have engagement that drives a culture your team requires? "Requires" might seem like a strong word, but that is the mantra that our leadership team must embrace as you enter the new world of management today. In our session you will learn:

  1. Four elements of a truly engaged organization
  2. Measure it - so you can improve it
  3. Facts and myths about true engagement
  4. Ownership in every seat of the firm!

Supporting Materials

Disruptive Technology: How it Can Increase Revenue, Improve Processes, and Attract People!

L.Gary Boomer

Dustin Hostetler


Presented by L. Gary Boomer, & Dustin Hostetler

Are you taking advantage of the innovations associated with performance and strategic based services? Do you have the right plan, people and processes? Are you playing above the line or caught in commoditized services? Learn how to manage and leverage technology in today's economy.

Supporting Materials

Supporting Materials

The Engaged Employee by Sandra Wiley


"In a recent Gallup poll, it is reported that only 13 percent of employees worldwide are engaged at work, a pretty paltry number by anyone’s standards. In that same report, definitions are given of the types of employees in today’s workforce. They are..."

Read Sandra’s new book, The Engaged Employee, to learn 10 initiatives that your firm can put into place now to ensure that you will have the best chance at retaining the best and the brightest.


The Advisory Services Edge by L. Gary Boomer

Gary Boomer's newest book is a transcript of an interview walking through the challenges and strategies of shifting from compliance to higher value advisory services. It is based on our experience of helping dozens of our clients and it is a quick read and one that will contribute to your success and make you future ready.

"I think most of us know that CPAs are conservative people. They are successful people and change is not easy for them, just like it is not easy for others in other professions. But CPAs have a responsibility to the public. They are next to physicians. They are the number one trusted business adviser; opportunities as well as responsibilities go along with that.

"I want to take the opportunity to focus on why I think people in our profession need to change, how they can change..."

L. Gary Boomer

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