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Helping firms build on success by developing new,
higher value client services.

"The time is now for firms to build upon compliance and transactional services and provide higher level services clients want." 

Arianna Campbell, Consultant, Boomer Consulting, Inc.

1. Complete Interest Form

Provide us with basic information regarding your firm and your firm's strategic needs.

2. We Connect

One of our Solutions Advisors and an Industry Leading Consultant will review your application and will reach out to schedule a short call to discuss your needs.

3. Create Game Plan

You will have clarity on your firm's most critical objectives and a plan allowing you to focus and take action.

4. Implement & See Results

A great plan doesn't mean much without implementing and taking action. We will guide you to ensure you take the most direct path to seeing the results you want.

or contact Megan Bloomfiels at 888-266-6375 or Email

"The Business Transformation Training provides a systematic approach to prepare your firm to be more successful and future ready as you transform your team into more of a consultative organization." 
Sandra Wiley, President, Boomer Consulting, Inc.
What makes the Boomer
Business Transformation Training™ so different?

Most CPA firms want to build upon their compliance and transactional services and provide more consultative-based services. However, evolving a firm's business model to create and support this growth can be a challenge.  Complexities with alignment, planning, training & go-to-market strategies can all be barriers for firms to take new and improved services to the marketplace. Boomer Transformation Training is a phased and systematic approach that guides your firm through the positive transformation.


We know how difficult it can be to maintain relevance in a time of rapidly evolving technology that is automating core services and have helped many firms address this. When you build upon success and develop strategies to create and launch new services, your firm can truly become your clients' trusted advisor.


Boomer Transformation Training will help you develop new services that bring more value, going beyond just meeting client needs to provide service that clients really want.


When you take advantage of Business Transformation Training, you will:


  1. Gain leadership alignment around a future vision for the firm.

  2. Develop a plan to execute on that vision. 

  3. Train your team to equip them with the knowledge and skills to transform the mindset, skillset & toolset within the firm.

  4. Engage your team, clients and peers to innovate, learn and gain momentum.

  5. Repeat the process to scale your consulting services, clients and team.


Now more than ever, CPA firms need to seize the opportunity to be true trusted business advisors to their clients. When you proactively meet the changing demands of clients, your firm will be more successful. Schedule a call to learn more about our Business Transformation Training today.


Why? Because to remain successful and relevant, you must evolve your service offerings.


or contact Megan Bloomfield at 888-266-6375 or Email

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What You Get With

Business Transformation Training

  • Leadership Alignment

  • A Plan to Execute

  • Training for Your Team

  • Engagement Strategies

  • A Process to Scale & Grow

or contact Megan Bloomfield at 888-266-6375 or Email

CPE Information

Sandra Wiley


Marc Staut

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

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The Pain of Not Offering

Higher Level Services

In 2015, the New York Times told the story of Steve Sasson, an engineer who worked for Eastman Kodak in the 1970s. At the time, Kodak held a virtual monopoly over the photography business in the U.S., from cameras to film, flash cubes, photo processing and photo paper. In 1975, while working for Kodak, Sasson invented the first digital camera and demonstrated the device to Kodak executives by taking a picture and bringing the image up on a television screen. In the Times article, Sasson remembers the reaction he received from Kodak executives.

– Jim Boomer

L. Gary Boomer

Visionary & Strategist

Arianna Campbell


Amanda Wilkie


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