A community of CIOs helping one another to align their firm's strategy and technology at
the highest levels as well as develop their leadership skills beyond technology.

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"These are people I look up to, there isn't anyone group isn't knowledgable and diverse. It's a forward-thinking group."

Robert Snell, Chief Information Officer, HBK CPAs and Consultants

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“The main value I've received from the Boomer CIO Circle is shared learning through
shared experiences."
Dan Mallory, Vice President of Technology, Aprio
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Download the Highlights from the recent Boomer CIO Circles Meeting

What makes the Boomer CIO Circle™ so different?

In order for CIOs to lead in their firms today, they need more than technical skills. They need skills related to innovation, budgeting, finance, communication, project management, marketing, sales, HR and more. The Boomer CIO Circle provides CIOs a peer group of high-level IT leaders from progressive CPA firms to hone their leadership skills beyond technology.     


We know how difficult it can be to grow these skills in the context of the CPA profession and have helped many CIOs develop into the leaders of their firm. When you have a peer group of other CIOs, you learn what did and didn't work for them and gain confidence that you are leading your firm in the right direction. 


The Boomer CIO Circle™ brings together CIOs from around the country to help one another to align their firm's strategy and technology at the highest levels as well as develop their leadership skills beyond technology. Members meet two times a year and stay connected between meetings via an online community platform. 


When you join the Boomer CIO Circle™, you will: 


  1. Learn in a trusted, non-competitive environment  that encourages sharing of lessons and best practices from real-life experiences from peers in similar positions at some of the profession's top firms. 

  2. Improve the perception of the IT leader’s role in your firm and gain confidence in your skills. 

  3. Benefit from discussions about innovative trends and technologies and how they are impacting their profession. Interact and learn from other CIOs from leading accounting firms and solution providers.

  4. Build trusted, lifelong, personal and professional relationships resulting in a strong network of peers to lean on throughout your career and as you grow and evolve as a leader. 

  5. Plan for success and be held accountable as you strive to push your firm forward. 

As the CPA profession continues to evolve, it's vital CIOs have a peer community to support and learn from one another. Join the Boomer CIO Circle™ today.


Why? Because the future of your firm requires leadership beyond technology. 


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2019 Highlights_CIO Circle_Fall.jpg

Download the Highlights from the last

Boomer CIO Circle™ Meeting

To give you a better idea of the topics members of the Boomer CIO Circle™ are discussing, we've compiled the Highlights from our last meeting. In this report, you will get a glimpse of the depth and breadth of conversations members are having as they help one another to align their firm's technology and firm strategy at the highest level as well as develop their leadership skills beyond technology. 

The Boomer CIO Circle


Marc Staut

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer


2020 winter Meeting

Group 1 -  February 5 & 6, 2020 - Puerto Vallarta

Group 2 -  February 6 & 7, 2020 - Puerto Vallarta

2020 fall Meeting

Group 1 -  September 15 & 16, 2020 - TBD

Group 2 - September 14 & 15, 2020 - TBD