A major theme in accounting technology these days involves speculation, trepidation, and even fear about artificial intelligence.  It’s at once entertaining and disconcerting to imagine a science fiction-like rise of robots that will out-think us, or may eventually replace us. In fact, most of us use AI in our daily lives. It helps simplify or expedite c...

December 3, 2019


Hampton, NH (December 3, 2019) – GruntWorx is proud to announce that GruntWorx Populate has been updated, streamlining the experience for Lacerte customers and adding support for CCH Axcess customers. GruntWorx Populate eliminates manual data entry by extracting tax field information from scanned client documents and inserting it dire...

November 22, 2019

“Okay team, starting Monday, we will be working on a new application and by the end of next week we will have phased out the old one. Good Luck!”

Does this sound familiar to you? Has your company lead Implementations of new software this way in the past? I think it would be safe to say that it turned out to be an utter disaster. You can’t throw something n...

November 12, 2019

Most people talk about disconnecting from their jobs during a vacation, but the reality is few of us actually do it According to a survey from LinkedIn, over half of professionals don’t use all of their allotted vacation days each year. Even when they do go on vacation, 70% of professionals admit they still monitor email, respond to texts from coworkers,...

November 12, 2019

By now, most accounting professionals are at least somewhat familiar with Lean Six Sigma, a strategy that focuses on increasing efficiency while improving the quality of your work by eliminating wasteful practices. When firms are first introduced to Lean Six Sigma, their initial interest is usually on compliance processes. Client accounting services, tax...

November 12, 2019

Every once in a while, different publications compile advice from high-profile CEOs or self-made millionaires. One trait that seems to be common among all of these successful professionals is that they make it a point never to stop learning. For some people, being a lifelong learner is as natural as breathing, others lose the habit once they’re out of col...

We can admit it – nobody likes to talk about security. It inevitably leads to cost and liability discussions that don’t make for pleasant conversation, especially

The Cloud is Here to Stay       


The migration to the cloud is happening in an extremely fast manner. We saw it start with specific applications that were developed and delivered across the Internet, then movement forward to backing up our data and disaster recovery in the cloud.  Now the focus i...

November 11, 2019

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become the new tech buzzword making the rounds. Touted as a major step forward for workplace efficiency, some are saying it is poised to revolutionize workflow by replacing a slew of manual tasks. But what is RPA, and how is it different from existing automation software packages?

To learn more about this emergent techn...

November 11, 2019

Today, many accountants spend the bulk of their time on preaccounting tasks that their clients leave unfinished – tracking receipts, logging mileage, and submitting expenses. In this white paper, Expensify reveals how to make preaccounting more manageable for your clients (and month-end close less of a headache for you!) through automated expense reportin...

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