Josie McCoy

Project Manager






As a Project Manager for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Josie brings with her a creative background and excitement for getting to know the accounting profession. Her primary focus is on training engagements and overseeing events at the Accounting Innovation Center


Before joining Boomer Consulting, Inc., Josie worked as a buyer of vintage clothing and home furnishings.



Josie is fantastic at making comparisons, documenting information and defining priorities. She can be counted on to research historical details, become an expert in areas of special interest and make strategic decisions.


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Josie’s forte is solving problems by fact-checking and determining practical and appropriate strategies, adjusting to changes, looking for ways to fit the project into existing systems and visualizing solutions. 




Josie lives in Lawrence, Kansas. She received a bachelors degree in English from KU. Outside of work, she enjoys thrifting, visiting estate sales, reading and hiking with her dog and boyfriend.

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