A community of CPA firm leaders helping one another continually improve their firms' processes and gain a sustainable Lean advantage.

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"This peer group is invaluable to help you push forward with your lean goals and become the change-agent in your organization. 

Mark Gaudet, CPA, CFP, Shareholder, Clark Schaefer Hackett CPAs & Advisors

1. Complete Application

In less than 5 minutes, you can submit your member application. This helps us start to determine if you'll benefit from the community.

2. We Connect

One of our Solutions Advisors and an Industry Leading Consultant will review your application and will reach out to schedule a short call to discuss your application and membership investment. 

3. Get Registered

Once it's determined you'll benefit from being a member, our Solutions Advisor will assist you in getting registered for your first meeting.

4. Our Guarantee

We know it's a commitment to join a community. If after attending your first meeting you don't believe you are a good fit, we'll refund your remaining membership fees.

“One of the major values on the Boomer Lean Circle comes from the individuals in the group. We have created a really great network!"
Claudia Wolter, Shareholder, KatzAbosh
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Download the Highlights from the recent Boomer Lean Circle Meeting

What makes the Boomer Lean Circle™ so different?

Lean project team leaders, champions and CPA Green Belt alumni in CPA firms want to continually improve their firm’s processes and gain a sustainable Lean advantage. However, it can be difficult to stay on the forefront of Lean Six Sigma without accessing experience and expertise from outside your firm. The Boomer Lean Circle™ helps you continue to lead the charge for continuous improvement.     


We know how hard it is to take a firm from good to great. You often feel alone and on an island as you navigate the waves of change inside your firm.  That's why we launched the Boomer Lean Circle™ to continue to support you and help take your firm to the next level. 


Members meet twice a year and stay connected between meetings via an online community platform.


When you join the Boomer Lean Circle™, you will: 

  1. Learn in a trusted, non-competitive environment  that encourages sharing of lessons and best practices for building a firm culture of continuous improvement.

  2. Discover new Lean concepts and avoid common pitfalls. You will benefit from knowing what has and hasn't worked for other firms. 

  3. Have access to top experts and solution providers that are dedicated to
    helping you and your firm build a culture of continuous improvement. 


  4. Build trusted, lifelong, personal and professional relationships resulting in a strong network of peers to lean on throughout your career and as your firm grows and evolves.

  5. Plan for success and be held accountable as you strive to push your firm forward. 


Now more than ever, Lean leaders need to stay on the forefront of Lean Six Sigma to maintain a competitive advantage. They need to remain proactive or risk having the laggard firms catch up. Join the Boomer Lean Circle™ today.


Why? Because unless you are striving to continually improve, your firm is falling behind.

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The Details of Your Membership

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Lean Circle - 2020 Highlights Cover (1).

Download the Highlights from the last 

Boomer Lean Circle™ Meeting

The Boomer Lean Circle™ is a community of the accounting profession’s top lean leaders and champions within CPA firms. These leaders gather to collaborate and share leading-edge best practices in the areas of process improvement and innovation. Boomer Lean Circle™ members meet twice a year to share knowledge, discuss what the future holds for public accounting firms and build relationships with peers. 


The Boomer

Lean Circle


Amanda Wilkie


2020 spring Meeting

May 19 & 20, 2020

Accounting Innovation Center, Kansas City, MO

2020 summit/fall Meeting

August 9-11, 2020

Kansas City, MO