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Lean Six Sigma CPA Green Belt Certification

or contact Megan Schottler at 888-266-6375 or Email

What You'll Learn

In addition to a toolbox of Lean and Six Sigma tools that will help you with your problem-solving and process improvement projects, you’ll learn the following key items from this course:

  • Breakthrough process improvement strategies for your firm, including Lean project management and workflow management strategies that are proven to improve performance.

  • Effective communication strategies and applications of these concepts to your clients – training and developing you to become a better, more-trusted advisor.

  • How to effectively facilitate a team and gain much-needed buy-in and accountability to changes within your firm.

  • How to identify what clients value and improving your processes to match them.

  • How to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in processes

or contact Megan Bloomfield at 888-266-6375 or Email

Tue, June 19
(8am – 5pm)

• Introductions, purpose &        expectations
• Lean & Six Sigma history & overview
• Combining Lean & Six Sigma
• Linking projects to firm strategy
• Introduction to DMAIC
• Lean Simulation
• Project charter
• Team dynamics

Wed, June 20
(8am – 5pm)

• Process & value stream mapping
• Prioritization matrix
• Identifying clients, needs & requirements
• Kano Model of Client Satisfaction
• Nine categories of waste
• Identifying & busting bottlenecks

Thu, June 21
(8am – 5pm)

• Other Lean tools
• Data analysis & standard deviation
• Kappa Study & other statistical tools
• Manage the front door
• 5S & visual management
• One-piece flow, WIP reduction & work teams
• Gatekeeper/project management techniques
• Procedures & best practices
• Roll-out & presentation strategies

Fri, June 22

(8am – 12noon)

• Metrics & results to track & measure

• Continuous improvement

• Culture & paradigm shifts

• Facilitation strategies & leadership


The Arden Shisler Center for Education & Economic Development

The Ohio State University

1680 Madison Ave.

Wooster, OH 44691


$3,500 - Includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments each day (breakfast and refreshments only on Friday). Two evening dinners / group activities during the week are also included.

As part of the certification program, each participant will receive 4 sessions of remote coaching by Dustin Hostetler through the completion of their first process improvement project.

Early Bird registration discount (deadline May 23rd) of $500. 



The registration deadline is June 4, 2018. Register online at or

call/email Deanna Perkins at

888.266.6375 /

The class is limited to 25 participants. Reservations will be filled

first-come, first-served!


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