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M&A Workshops

2022 M&A Workshop Recordings - $195

There are many challenges, opportunities, and success strategies for navigating M&A within the CPA profession. Firms often look into M&A opportunities, but often don’t have the depth and breadth of experiences that will create a positive strategic outcome. To get ahead and be successful, long-term.

At the end of the workshop, firms leave with a clear understanding, strategic insights, tools & and actionable plan to take back to their firm. The firms that attend are ahead of others due to new ideas and an actionable plan.

The Boomer M&A Workshops are two separate, one-day, intense virtual mastermind experiences that focus on Pre-Merger and Post-Merger that shows accounting firms how to scale the business without hiring additional full-time staff.


You can check out the full agenda here. 

or contact Solutions at 888-266-6375 or Email

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