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Megan Schottler

Solutions Advisor




twitter: @megan_BCI



As a Solutions Advisor for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Megan works to provide the highest level of client service to existing and new clients through building and maintaining relationships. Her primary focus is on Vendor/Sponsor relationships and she is the Boomer Technology Circle, the Boomer Advisor Circle, and the Boomer Lean Circle sponsor program lead. Megan is passionate about helping clients excel through Boomer Consulting Services.


Before joining Boomer Consulting, Inc., Megan worked for the Flint Hills Radio Station as a Marketing Consultant. Before that, she worked her way through college while playing collegiate level sports.



Megan strives to bring innovative solutions to any situation. Focusing on essential facts, she selects appropriate choices without getting lost in unnecessary complexities. By sticking with systems, Megan is sure to follow proper procedures and get consistent results.


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Unique Abilities


Megan has a great ability to see and create things that others would not think possible. She has a creative mind and a hard working mindset. She always looks at finding the best in people, whether they be personal or business relationships.


Growing up in a small town allowed Megan to experience a wide range of activities, from being an athlete to a scholar. Being diverse helps her creative ideas become a reality, and she is always willing to be a team player or a leader in whatever is needed of her.




Megan is a graduate of Bethany College where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and Management. She played both volleyball and basketball in college. Megan loves to play sports, workout, read and binge-watch TV series. Megan lives in Wichita, Kansas with her dogs, Sasha and Nala.

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