2 Crucial Calls-to-Action Every Webpage Needs

Last year, I wrote an article titled “3 Goals Achieved in the Redesign of Our Website.” Since then, we’ve been actively optimizing every service page on our website to provide more clarity to our website visitors regarding our services. With this effort comes the importance of including two types of calls-to-action (CTAs) that provide value to our prospects as well as generate leads for our services. These two types of CTAs are the Transitional CTA and the Direct CTA.

The Transitional CTA

The purpose of the Transitional CTA is to provide your prospects with a piece of valuable information that better informs them about their problem while simultaneously establishing you as the guide with the solution. This type of CTA is vital to provide to prospects who aren’t fully ready to respond to a Direct CTA. Those that download a Transitional CTA are still in the exploratory phase and looking for some information that goes beyond what can, and shouldn’t, be covered in a webpage.

Three of the most popular Transitional CTAs are:

The Value List Simply put, the Value List lists the top strategies your prospect can either solve a problem or create a solution related to the service you are promoting. Example titles of Value Lists include:

  • 7 Common Tax Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

  • 8 Tips for Increasing Your Profitability

  • The 5 Biggest Misconceptions Regarding Strategic Planning

Magazine Article The packaging of content goes a long way in how its value is perceived. Select an article you have written recently on a topic related to the service you are promoting and have your marketing department (or a freelancer on Fiverr) create a cover page, a catchy title and a nice layout.

Interview Interviews are a simple way to convey the value of your services without having to write articles or blog posts. Select one of your best clients and ask them four or five questions related to how their lives and businesses are better due to the services you provide. Example questions include:

  • What were your biggest issues before we started working with you?

  • How have our services helped solve these issues?

  • What results can you share?

  • What are you spending your time doing now that you don’t have these issues?

  • What would you tell someone considering this service?

Each of these Transitional CTAs should be prominently placed on your service webpages with an easy-to-click button allowing them to download it. Since the purpose of the Transitional CTA is to generate leads, requiring a form submission to download is critical. The value of the content is higher when someone has to provide additional information to receive it.

The Direct CTA

Every page on your website should include a Direct CTA. A Direct CTA is the one action you would like your prospect to take if they were only going to do one thing. Too often, our webpages are online brochures that aren’t asking our prospects to take any action items. Examples of Direct CTAs are:

  • Schedule Your 30-Min Consultation

  • Get Started

  • Complete Interest Form

Direct CTAs should be big, obvious buttons on your webpages that can’t be missed. They need to stand out as the clear action to take. Also, your Direct CTAs should be repeated two or three times on your webpages in multiple places. You are unable to improve your client's lives unless they take action themselves and respond to the Direct CTA.

Clients and prospects can’t read your mind. You must give them clear action steps to engage with you. Take a few minutes today and review the services pages on your website. How many of your webpages need a Transitional CTA and a Direct CTA? You are losing money every day that passes when your webpages aren’t clear with what actions you want your clients and prospects to take.

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