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Client Spotlight: Kimberly Bustamante of Wiss & Company LLP

Firm Name: Wiss & Company LLP

Location: Livingston, NJ

# of Offices: 3

# of Partners: 26

# of Employees: 200

Kimberly Bustamante of Wiss & Company LLP took an unusual route to her role as Director of Operations. She was hired as an administrative assistant over ten years ago after another admin assistant quit – in March! – because she didn’t like the commute. Within a year, Bustamante began working on project management for Wiss, then as a marketing assistant, then the Director of Marketing before being promoted to her current position, where she oversees IT, bookkeeping, processing, office administration, ordering and HR.

When she took over her current role, Bustamante says, “We had a lot of internal processes and procedures in place that were cumbersome and inefficient. Things were done the same way year after year.” After she heard Dustin Hostetler give a seminar on Lean at a LEA meeting, she spoke to the managing partner and other leaders at Wiss about attending Boomer’s CPA Green Belt Training. They told her to go for it.

As a result of her Green Belt Training, the firm began evaluating several processes and made changes to utilize resources better and provide a better experience for both internal clients (employees) and external clients. In particular, they looked at their outsourced accounting services and realize that every client the firm worked on had their own procedures. In some cases, services were being provided that the clients weren’t necessarily expecting or paying for. Once the firm created a standard way of doing things, they started saving hundreds of hours every month.

Bustamante has really taken the “continuous improvement” mindset to heart. “Once you start, there are always improvements,” she says. “We reevaluate every six months. Next, we’re taking a look at the client onboarding and proposal processes, the 1040 tax preparation process, extensions and 1099s.”

Get to know Kimberly

Bustamante grew up in New Jersey and dotes on her three-year-old grandson. She went to school to become a French and English teacher but counts herself fortunate for ending up at Wiss. When she’s not ensuring firm operations are running smoothly, Bustamante is an avid reader and loves to write, study science, bake elaborate 3-D cakes, and go camping.


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