Winning is Everything

Last month, several consultants from Boomer Consulting, Inc. had the opportunity to attend The Advisory Board’s Winning is Everything Conference, a venue for partners in the profession to “come together, brainstorm and inspire one another.”

Here are a few of their takeaways from the conference.

Michael Wherry, CPA, LSS Black Belt, Consultant:

I really enjoyed the keynote speech from Bruce Tulgan, author and founder of RainmakerThinking, Inc.

“Today’s workforce thrives under strong leadership that coaches all day long.”

“It is important to keep score at work. Today’s Millennials have the stigma of ‘everybody wins’ but ask the players on a youth soccer field what the score is. There might not be an official score, but the kids know who is winning.”

I also had the chance to attend the keynote from Mark Shapiro, former GM of the Cleveland Indians and now President and CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays, who said,

“Tough conversations require a solid foundation built with respect, trust and collaboration.”

This conference reminded me that firms need to have a Lean mindset to help them in all areas, not just process. A key principle of Lean is the voice of the client, both internal and external. These points above all start by listening to the voice of the internal customer and with proper focus you can coach/mentor/lead them with the right “scorecard” to deliver external client experiences that will lead to tremendous growth.

Dustin Hostetler, LSS Master Black Belt

From the Mark Shapiro keynote, the focus on culture as a strategy really resonated. Building a culture of accountability separates great leaders and great organizations from the rest. And the fact is, with a good culture built on accountability, you can look at all levels to make meaningful contributions.

Shapiro shared stories of an intern and entry-level personnel who made key contributions to the organization. This definitely applies to CPA firms.

I’m also hearing more and more from senior leaders that remaining relevant and growing a sustainable practice into the future are key vision points that firms need to be addressing. Innovation is a key part of this dynamic and firms are talking about innovation more today than I’ve heard in over ten years in this profession, which is a good thing.

Were you able to attend the conference? Share some of your favorite speakers and takeaways in the comments.