Getting intentional about innovation.

Client Spotlight: Randy Nail, HoganTaylor

Firm Name: HoganTaylor LLP

Location: Tulsa, OK

# of Offices: 4

# of Partners: 30

# of Employees: 235

For Randy Nail, CEO of HoganTaylor, core values are not just words on a page of the firm’s website. The firm’s third core value, “Be Dynamic,” means they are constantly watching what is going on in the industry and how technology is changing. Nail says he and the rest of the partners at HoganTaylor are “always thinking about how we can get better or prepare ourselves for things that are coming. We don’t want to be the stereotypical accountants, always looking in the rearview mirror.”

Nail was acquainted with Gary Boomer because HoganTaylor’s Chief Innovation Officer is a member of the Boomer Technology Circles. So when he heard about Boomer’s Innovation and Future-Ready Workshop, he knew the firm needed to do it.

The firm’s focus on being dynamic meant he had no trouble getting others on board. “The firm was excited,” Nail says. “It’s not just about tech. Where is our profession going? What place do advisory services have? We’re naturally curious and want to participate in new things.”

As a result of the workshop, the firm designated a Partner of Innovation and is defining what the innovation process looks like at HoganTaylor, having a process for filtering and implementing innovative solutions.

Making the profession better

Nail’s excitement is palpable when he talks about one of HoganTaylor’s newest innovations, their audit and tax project management tool, HTOne. It’s a secure portal where clients and the firm can interact in real time, exchange documents and communicate about the status of projects with an efficiency that just isn’t possible over email. “We developed it in-house to make ourselves more efficient. Now we’re making it available to other firms. We’re not just making ourselves more efficient, but making the profession better,” he says.

Get to know Randy

Nail grew up in Ada, Oklahoma. He took an accounting class in high school, and his instructor encouraged him to continue the subject in college. Nail earned his B.S. in Accounting from East Central University in Ada. After college, he moved to Oklahoma City to work for one of what was then the Big 8 Accounting Firms, Touche Ross. He’s spent his entire professional career in public accounting and was promoted to CEO of Hogan Taylor in 2012.

When he’s not focusing on providing leadership at Hogan Taylor, Nail enjoys reading (both business books and spy novels) and playing golf. He has one 2 ½-year-old grandson and another on the way.


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