Intentional Gratitude Actions

Taking simple steps to show gratitude to those in your firm is one of the best ways to increase motivation, good health, teamwork, personal knowledge and a strong firm culture. Luckily, showing gratitude is easy and doesn’t require a big investment of time and money. The more you practice gratitude toward your coworkers, the more you will learn the actions that are meaningful to them. Start receiving the benefits of showing gratitude by practicing one of the actions on this worksheet.

  1. Take time to specifically tell someone why you are grateful for them.

  2. Hand write a thank you note.

  3. Put a stickie note somewhere random in a co‐worker’s work space to thank them for something they have done.

  4. Take a quick walk with a person for whom you are grateful and thank them for the work they do.

  5. Give someone a book with a note marking a specific part that reminds you of something they have done.

  6. Take a person on your team a cup of coffee or other treat “just because…”

  7. Write a letter of gratitude to your manager or partner instead of a holiday card.

  8. Send an email or better yet, an e‐card. ( is a great source).

  9. Do someone a favor; like picking up lunch, running an errand or doing some client work without being asked.

  10. Go on Pinterest and search for “Creative Gifts and Ways to Show Appreciation” for hundreds of other ideas!

  11. If you’re running a meeting, keep it short to show them you appreciate and respect their time.

  12. Conduct a team‐building exercise and have everyone on your team state how they like to be shown gratitude. Keep track of each team member’s answer and distribute the summary to the team. Encourage team members to refer to the summary so they can express gratitude to team members according to their preference.

Download Worksheet HERE!

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