Streamlining processes to focus on playing above the line.

Client Spotlight: Kevin Gienger, Boldt Carlisle + Smith

Firm Name: Boldt Carlisle + Smith

Location: Salem, OR

# of Offices: 3

# of Partners: 7

# of Employees: 40

When Boldt Carlisle + Smith went through a merger a few years ago, firm leaders, including Managing Partner Kevin Gienger, were already aware that the firm had a few processes that were not consistent. But Geinger says the merger “shined a big spotlight on how different things could be between people.” They needed to build consistency in firm processes, but they also wanted to help the new teams collaborate rather than mandating one particular way of doing things.

At the same time, Gienger says, the firm realized that tax preparation, while important, was not the most valuable service they offered from a client’s perspective. Gienger began researching ways to make tax prep as simple and streamlined as possible so the professionals at Boldt Carlisle + Smith could focus their energy on providing higher-level advisory services.

The firm’s tax department went through a Lean Process Improvement Project with Boomer Consulting, Inc. to address both issues.

Gienger says revamping the whole department’s processes was not seamless, but it provided an opportunity for people who don’t normally work face-to-face to work on a project together in order to formulate the final process, hearing and understanding each other’s ideas and working together on solutions.

As a result of the project, the firm has seen a real increase in how quickly work is completed. Having simple, streamlined processes allows the firm to turn around projects faster. In turn, this has resulted in increased cash flow and revenue during tax season and created more space for projects outside of tax season because they’re doing fewer extensions.

Next up? The firm continues to utilize Lean theory in other areas of the firm. One of their professionals is attending Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training, and their next project is aimed at the audit side of the firm.

Get to know Kevin

Kevin grew up in Springfield, Oregon. He took his first accounting class in high school and enjoyed it. His uncle, who had attended Columbia Business School and worked in banking before returning to run the family’s dairy farm, encouraged Kevin to major in accounting in college, knowing that an accounting degree would open many doors professionally.

Boldt Carlisle & Smith was Kevin’s first job after graduating from Linfield College in 1997. Although he left for five years to work as a Division Controller for Allied Waste of North America, Kevin returned to BCS in 2006.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys camping with friends, his wife, Dawn, and their sons, Austin and Tyler, age eleven and nine.


Boomer Flowtivity Process

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