Recognizing the value of honest answers and helpful direction from a peer community!

Member Spotlight: Bob Fink of Honkamp Krueger

Firm: Honkamp Krueger

Headquarters: Dubuque, Iowa

No. of Offices: 11

No. of Partners: 33

No. of Employees: 500

Recognizing the value of honest answers and helpful direction from a peer community!

Bob Fink, Partner (previous Director of Information Technology) at Honkamp Krueger, says, “being in IT in an accounting firm can feel like you’re on an island and joining a peer community helps you get off the island.” His predecessor, Natalie Hoffmann was an early participant in the Boomer Technology Circles. As Fink moved up in the firm, Hoffmann started taking him with her to the meetings, eventually paving the way for Fink to be the person representing Honkamp Krueger at BTC.

When Fink took over the role of IT Manager, he worried that, while they were ahead of many firms from a security perspective, they were behind when it came to infrastructure. He immediately began taking notes about what other firms were doing, participating and listening to find out where their firm should be.

The value Fink received from BTC is what led him to petition the firm to join the Boomer CIO Circle as well. He says he enjoys the ability to make contacts, build relationships and have an open dialog with other members of both groups. “If you’re getting off the path, they’ll straighten you out,” Fink says. “It’s a place to ask the difficult questions. There’s nothing you can’t ask to get helpful direction and honest answers. We just don’t have those kinds of resources here locally.”

Those resources have helped the Honkamp Krueger work toward becoming more cloud-oriented and implement flex initiatives, including half-day Fridays and flexible schedules.

Get to know Bob

Fink grew up in Darlington, Wisconsin and went to school at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. His knack for computers and plans to join the family business led to a double major in computer science and business. Instead of joining the family business, he took a job with Honkamp Krueger within a year of finishing college. That decision is one he appreciates when he’s in a cozy office instead of running an agriculture business during cold Wisconsin winters.

Fink met his wife, Jolene, in college and they have three children. Outside of work, he enjoys anything outdoors including boating, fishing and golf.

Next time you talk to Bob, be sure to congratulate him on making Partner at Honkamp Krueger as of January 2017!


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