Community Engagement in Everyday Life

Dr. Crispin Butteriss, founding director of one of the largest community engagement platforms in the world, defines community engagement as “the process by which community benefit organizations and individuals build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of a community.” While that general definition of community engagement does not reflect Boomer Consulting, Inc.’s mission per se, many of the same principles and outcomes apply. In a sense, community engagement has been a guiding force and core value in the services we have offered from the beginning. When I consider the advantages that being part of a community bring to my life and work, three areas always stand out.

The Power of Different Perspectives

When you consider becoming a part of a community, you should seek out different perspectives. Being exposed to various viewpoints gives you the opportunity to consider new information. Different opinions help you consider your question, issue or project from all different directions. You will get responses that represent the positive and the negative. You will get responses that you never considered. You may even get responses that you don’t want to hear. In the end, the mixed bag of information you receive will help you make the best-educated decision for you, personally or professionally.

Your Feedback and Opinion is Important

Often, when we think about community engagement, we seek feedback or advice from others. But expressing your opinion and providing your feedback is just as important. You don’t always have to be the one asking questions. You can be the one answering questions and providing guidance. Feedback and opinions from all angles are valuable.

Building Relationships for the Future

Relationships are important! Whether personal or professional, we all need the connections that communities create for us. They propel us to success. With the right people in your community or networking circle, you can create a trustworthy, dynamic group that wants to help one another succeed.

Part of the value we create in our Boomer communities is the ability for our members to connect between meetings. We aimed to create the ultimate community engagement tool for our members to continue conversations beyond the meeting room. The Boomer Knowledge Network (our community engagement tool of the past) has served as a platform for connecting members between meetings for the past several years. Over the past year, we have slowly moved away from many features of the BKN to research new tools that better align with our overall purpose: keeping you connected. We have identified a tool called Mighty Networks that we believe will achieve our goal for community engagement in the future. As the spring meetings are upon us, we hope to vet this tool and launch it for all of our community groups as the ultimate way to keep them connected.

Are you a part of one of our communities and interested in helping to test our Mighty Networks community? Contact Erin Cheever for more information.