3 Tips for Marketing through Busy Season

With busy season upon us, does your firm have a plan for maintaining client communications? Looming deadlines often mean marketing gets pushed to the back burner, but busy season is an especially important time to stay connected, while tax returns and annual financial statements are top-of-mind for your clients. Fortunately, with a little planning and help from some essential tools, you can continue marketing through busy season.

Keep the content coming

When you are focused on getting work out the door, writing blog posts is not top of mind, but you should try to keep up a regular posting schedule – even if you post less often than other times of the year.

January is an excellent time to “stock up” on blog content before the workload really ramps up. Put idle interns and staff to work writing a few basic, helpful posts that you can use over the next few months. Even if you don’t write all of the content now, create a content calendar full of useful ideas, so you don’t need to expend valuable brainpower coming up with topics later on. You can also update and repurpose old

“evergreen” blog posts with a fresh perspective to keep your calendar full.

If you need more help, the AICPA’s CPA Client Bulletin Select provides a monthly collection of articles about taxes, financial planning and small business issues that can be edited and shared with your clients via email, blog, social media or firm newsletter.

Take advantage of client contact

Busy season may be one of your few chances to have a face-to-face meeting with your client, so capitalize on this opportunity to educate them about other services your firm provides.

Are your small business client’s books a mess? Talk to them about your bookkeeping services. Tax clients may need estate planning or wealth management. Remember, it’s not about closing a deal, it’s a process that involves building relationships and educating your client to make informed decisions. When you listen to your clients and make suggestions based on their wants and needs, you are not selling, you are adding value.

Schedule out your content

Promoting your firm on social media is an essential step in developing new business and staying connected to existing clients, but knowing when to post and finding the time to manage multiple social networks is a challenge. Take advantage of tools that do the grunt work for you.

Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to fill a queue with content and stagger posting throughout the days or weeks. You can maintain a consistent social media schedule without worrying about micromanaging the delivery times.

The effort you put into marketing during busy season is not just about bringing in new tax clients, but about filling your pipeline with work for the entire year. Stay connected while accounting and taxes are top of mind for your clients. After all, busy season is every CPA’s time to shine.