A-Ha Moments from the BTC Summit 2017

We just wrapped up another Boomer Technology Circles Summit, an event that brings together firm management, technology professionals, and Lean Six Sigma leaders from all over the country to share knowledge, best practices, and learn about the latest technologies and innovations in our profession. From keynote speakers to discussions among our members, we’re always excited to see a-ha moments bubble up. Here are a few of our favorites:

“It’s not about age, it’s about mindset.”

Change management was a big topic at this year’s summit, as was achieving buy-in on everything from process improvements to new technologies. During the Boomer Briefing on Tuesday, Marc Staut pointed out that many firms point to members of the firm from an older generation as the ones hindering change, but that’s not always the case. It’s not about age, it’s about mindset. From partners to staff members, Millennial to Traditionalist, anyone can have a mindset that embraces change or rejects it.

“Change is coming faster than you can imagine. Start training now. Don’t wait!”

Blockchain and disruption were hot topics, as was training our staff to shift from a compliance focus to a strategic advisory focus. During Tuesday’s briefing, Sandra Wiley cautioned firms not to let themselves get lulled into inaction, believing they can wait two to five years to start facing these issues.

This was echoed in the presentation on blockchain and its impact on the accounting profession by Amanda Wilkie, CIO of Withum. Wilkie predicted that blockchain would replace legacy systems within six years.

“What you measure is what matters to your firm. My time is not what’s valuable – it’s my knowledge.”

Jason Ackerman of BNA CPAs & Advisors led a lively discussion on getting rid of the billable hour for the Lean Circle. His firm got rid of timesheets in 2013. Their clients are happier, morale has improved, and productivity and profitability are up.

How did they do it? They picked a date and just stopped using them.

“We need our leaders to go the same direction around obstacles.”

Think dog sledding teams and CPA firms have nothing in common? One of our keynote speakers, Chris Heeter of The Wild Institute demonstrated just how much we have in common. Her entertaining and inspiring presentation encouraged members to get to know their team members, recognize innate gifts, and “bring the gift of all of who you are to all of what you do.”

Like a dog sledding team, our firms can’t move in the same direction unless we’re connected.