Who Should Attend the Gig Economy Innovation Accelerator? You!

There’s a major trend happening in our workforce today. People are finding ways to work in their unique abilities, narrowing the focus of what they do for a living and performing it for a number of different companies rather than one employer.

This shift toward project-based work is called the gig economy, and nearly half of Millennial workers are already a part of it. By 2027, freelancers and gig economy workers will make up the majority of the workforce based on the current growth rate.

When you hear about the gig economy, big names like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb may come to mind, but a number of platforms have popped up in recent years that connect freelance accounting professionals with employers.

  • TaxFyle is an on-demand income tax filing service that connects customers with tax professionals to perform personal and business tax preparation engagements.

  • AccountingFly is a digital staffing platform that has been around for years but recently expanded their business model to include contract work.

  • Intuit recently launched a service to connect its TurboTax customers to on-demand CPAs and EAs to answer questions and perform one-on-one reviews of self-prepared returns.

This isn’t unemployed people doing contract work while they look for a full-time job. These are educated, experienced professionals choosing freelance and project-based work for flexibility, freedom and more control over the projects they work on.

With top talent in demand at all levels and unemployment at near record lows, firms that focus strictly on hiring full-time employees (or part-time employees located in their geographic location) will find themselves struggling to fill crucial vacancies.

To help your firm understand and leverage the gig economy, we’re facilitating a Gig Economy Innovation Accelerator on October 4, 2018, at the Accounting Innovation Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

In this one-day workshop, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at what the gig economy means to the profession, provide resources for finding gig professionals and give you a plan for tapping into this growing talent pool once you return to your firm.

The gig economy presents many exciting opportunities for firms, including lowering overhead, tapping into specialized talent on an as-needed basis and providing another tool in your toolbox to win the war for talent. I hope you’ll join me for this exciting training in October!