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Are You Focused on Internal Client Service?

We regularly focus on external client service when it comes to serving our clients, but do you ever think of the level of service you provide to your teammates? Are you supporting them so that they can serve your clients?

At Boomer Consulting, we believe excellent external client service starts with building better working relationships and improving communication internally. It’s a part of our company culture, and the idea behind our Five Star Client Service training.

Earlier this year I transitioned into a new role, and with that came an expectation to provide a new level of client service to the team. How was I going to know if I was providing a high level of client service to my teammates while learning this new role? During a coaching call, I was tasked with talking to my closest teammates about communication and client service, to ensure that I was supporting them as effectively as possible. I asked them two questions and let them think these questions over for a later discussion.

  1. When it comes to communication and client service, what do I do that you like or appreciate?

  2. When it comes to communication and client service, what do you wish I would do better?

These questions built a framework for our conversation that helped me grow as a teammate and ensure I was providing a high level of client service to those working closest with me. During these conversations, I was given a short list of things I could do to help my teammates and developed a plan of action to help me to improve.

While this may seem like a small step to ensuring a high level of client service, building this rapport with my teammates helped open up lines of communication and has allowed us to have more open and honest conversations as well as given us a framework of expectations for each other. Because of these conversations, I have a better understanding of the level of client service that is expected of me when working with those closest to me.

What are some of the ways you are focusing on providing a high level of client service when it comes to your teammates, as well as clients?


Samantha is the Operations Accountant for Boomer Consulting, Inc. Her primary duties include managing the financial operations, handling travel arrangements and providing administrative support to the shareholders. She also works closely with the Director of 10X Operations to maintain and improve the use of software and web base applications to ensure they line up with our SamePage initiative.