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IdeaMensch feature: Steve Dusablon Co-Founder and CEO of cPaperless

I think having this close relationship with our customer base is one of the most important aspects of my job. Our reputation in the industry is that we listen, and we fix it. Fast. And that goes a long way.

Mr. Dusablon is the Co-Founder and CEO of cPaperless, LLC, a company that provides paperless software tools and consulting services to the accounting profession. Mr. Dusablon has been the primary driver behind the company’s release of four paperless solutions and its ability to accumulate a client base of over 5,000+ accounting firms and 50,000+ licensed users of their products. For the past 15 years, Mr. Dusablon has been consulting accounting firms on all areas of paperless solutions, including: Electronic Signatures, Document Management Solutions (DMS), Client Portals, Integrated Workflow solutions, secure document exchange, scanning techniques, using Adobe Acrobat to create digital workpapers, deploying paperless audit software solutions, and paperless tax preparation utilizing Scan-and-Organize and Scan-and-Populate solutions. Prior to co-founding cPaperless, LLC, Mr. Dusablon served as the Vice President of Sales & Operations for Acct1st Technology Group, LLC, a leading provider of DMS, Client Portal and integrated workflow solutions to the accounting industry. Prior to joining Acct1st, Mr. Dusablon spent four years with SurePrep, LLC, where he served as the Director of Operations. SurePrep, LLC is the largest provider of outsourced tax preparation services in the U.S. He was responsible for overseeing the establishment of a 300 person tax processing center in Mumbai, India that processed over 25,000 US income tax returns each tax season. Steve worked at Coopers & Lybrand and was a Certified Public Accountant who earned a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Southern California in 1990.

Where did the idea for SafeSend Returns come from?

The idea for SafeSend Returns came from being first to market with an e-sign solution, understanding the challenges, understanding that we needed to automate the workflow, and most importantly, listening to our existing cPaperless customers.

The number one thing that I can reiterate is always listen to your customers. Your customers will tell you the problems. Your customers will tell you what you need to solve. And these are real-world problems, and as long as you listen to them, and you strive toward solving that real-world problem, you’ll come up with something. And that, for us, was SafeSend Returns.

Now, I’d like to sit back and say that I’m brilliant and that I came up with this thing entirely by myself. But it started with understanding the challenges of electronic tax return delivery and of electronic signatures. I kept going back and looking at this paper tax return and saying “this is so successful, but when we go to electronic, it breaks down and fails. So how do we build an electronic assembly and delivery solution that mimics and mirrors what used to happen in the world of paper?” We needed a combination of mimicking paper delivery in an electronic format. (read more)