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Automations that will enable growth and greater success

Automations that will enable growth and greater success.

Workflow automation is touted as the key to getting smart about day-to-day functions at the workplace. There are countless tasks that need to be executed on a daily basis, and you definitely cannot be running from pillar to post tying to complete each one when you have more important matters to look into. Luckily, workflow automation allows you greater freedom and flexibility to deal with such issues.

In this post we will look at some automations firms worldwide are eagerly embracing to simplify their work and enjoy greater efficiency and productivity.

Client Onboarding

The client onboarding experience, often overlooked, can change the tide for an organization. When the experience is new and the beginning is always a little slow and tedious, clients definitely don't want to be harrowed by manual onboarding processes.

The traditional slow-moving procedures are now being replaced by quick customer data collection and readily accessible information to guide you seamlessly. Compliance is adhered to at all levels and documents are handled in a secure manner. Workflow automation for new client onboarding will help you streamline the process, check every box along the way, update all relevant databases, set up tasks/projects and certainly enhance both processing capacity and consistency across tasks and departments.

Payable workflow automation

Accounts payable can be very complex to look at if you are doing it manually. But workflow automation can help in resolving recurring errors, comparing and matching invoices, speeding up approvals, and complying with complicated formats and procedures. Needless to say, the right workflow automation solution can make the entire process time and cost effective. What business owners love the most however is the accuracy and timeliness they enjoy with automation.

Reimbursements workflow automation

Every company has to deal with tedious expense reimbursements which cannot be left unchecked but take up a lot of time. Automation helps finance teams quickly verify data, process claims, approve them and make payments in an efficient manner.

Be it travel, healthcare or business expense related reimbursements, automation keeps the unnecessary paperwork at bay and expedites the whole process. The right workflow automation software helps you create customized forms and add details as and when you need.

Vacation Processes

Vacation requests and approvals can be made easy for both employees and their managers if the whole process is streamlined and automated. The vacation request workflow can be customized and helps avoid email confusion. Besides, it also facilitates managers maintain records effortlessly. Everything is recorded and can be easily accessed by the concerned personnel as and when required. Employees can complete the necessary details quickly online and get approvals or schedule vacation in streamlined manner.

Employee on-board and off-board

As organizations continue to scale, they hire more employees for diverse roles and functions. Employee onboarding is not as tedious a process but does require coordination between multiple departments in order to have a new productive team member ready for work.

New accounts need to be created in multiple applications, access cards provided, computers ordered and a lot of paperwork completed. The right workflow automation software comes with a single portal interface that facilitates filling up of online forms, pre-built integration for account creation, built-in status tracking and the functionality to bundle services and manage workflow processes across various departments such as HR, payroll, IT, security, finance, etc to ensure that the onboarding process is fast and hassle free.