3 Goals Achieved in the Redesign of Our Website

In 2017, we launched a new look for our website, Boomer.com. We wanted to make it easier for our existing and potential clients to navigate, make it mobile friendly and give it an updated look. As with any project we take on, we didn’t want just to follow the herd and copy what others are doing. We invested time and resources into identifying the issues with our old site, coming up with better ways to do it, and executing the new site in a way that would provide value to our internal and external clients.

Here’s a look at some of the changes we made and why.

Less Clutter

Our old website had evolved over several years, resulting in too many elements crowding our homepage and navigation bars. In the redesign, we consolidated several of those elements and removed unnecessary information from the homepage. The result allows visitors to see what’s truly important to us: guiding firms to sustainable success and future readiness.



Clear, direct communication

Our old website displayed our mission statement right on the home page. While we believe passionately in that mission statement, it works better as a tool to keep us focused than it does as a method for connecting to our clients.

Our Marketing Manager, Heather Robinson, signed up for a StoryBrand Workshop. We used the lessons she picked up there to rewrite every word on the website – from headlines to service descriptions, staff bios to drop down menus – to be clear, direct, and most importantly, speak to the people we work with every day.

Defined call to action

An often overlooked aspect of website design is a clearly defined call to action. Our old site had a “contact us” button, but it was easy to miss, and we weren’t clear on what would happen once someone clicked on it. Would the prospective client be asked to provide their contact information? Would the visitor’s default email application or a live chat window pop up? Would they immediately hear a knock at the door and find one of our consultants standing outside? (That would be cool, but no.) The point is, that lack of clarity kept people from taking action.

Now, visitors can’t miss our call to action, it’s clear what will happen when they click, and there are even options for calling or emailing a real, live person if they don’t want to enter their contact information into an online form.

That’s just a few of the changes we made. We’ve been thrilled with the results so far, and we take it as a compliment that StoryBrand’s CEO used our redesign in a case study. The project took months of thorough research, planning, rewriting, coding and optimizing. The effort was all worth it, as our new website reflects our commitment to serving the accounting profession with consistent, high-quality communication and service.


Jon Hubbard, Director of Business Development at Boomer Consulting, Inc. is certified as both a Kolbe™ Consultant and a Five Star Client Service Consultant. He is an enthusiastic speaker with experience providing leadership for multiple facets of BCI’s overall sales, marketing and communications strategy. Jon thrives as a careful planner and strategic thinker. He is a talented researcher who is skillful in translating knowledge into strategy, and he has studied and implemented marketing strategies focused on websites, social media and digital communications.