3 Ways to Connect Your Business Development & Marketing Efforts

As firms expand their offerings to provide more strategic level services for their clients, we hear more about their desire for higher-level business development efforts and strong marketing presence. While many firms feel that these are two separate initiatives, business development doing what they need to do and marketing doing what it needs to do, they actually need to support each other. Three ways that the two can support each other are through messaging, targeted campaigns and the continued nurturing of stale or postponed leads.


Messaging of your firm and the services that you provide isn’t just something that is important for marketing purposes; it’s essential for your business development, too. A big issue that firms run into is the message they are verbally giving their clients and the message portrayed on the website don’t always line up. This will cause confusion both internally and externally and make your services harder to sell. It can also set-up the wrong expectations for your clients and cause frustration and lack of satisfaction once they receive the end result. We’d suggest reviewing your messaging once or twice a year to make sure that your all-around message is in alignment. Sometimes the more you provide a service, the more information you gather and tweak to make that service better. Your messaging should support those changes to continually increase the value of your services. The more alignment you have with your business development and marketing message, the easier your services will be to sell, and the more satisfied your clients will be when receiving those services.

Targeted campaigns

Your firm should take a more targeted approach with business development support when sending marketing information to help generate leads. Instead of just sending email blasts to everyone in your database or marketing slicks to every address in your file in the hope of generating leads, have your team come up with specific clients or prospects to reach out to. Develop a full campaign that will utilize elements of both business development and marketing. Ensure that you are making phone calls regarding the marketing materials that have or will be sent to your clients. Work to set-up meetings with those clients and prospects to discuss the information they received, so they know that they are special and you truly feel this service is the best for them and their future success. When your firm undertakes these targeted campaigns, be sure to come up with the full plan of action before you start implementing your campaign. This will help to ensure that each step will occur when it needs to.

Nurturing stale or postponed leads

A third area that can be beneficial to really connect what you’re doing in business development with your marketing efforts is when you have leads go stale or a prospect wants to wait an extended period before discussing a specific service. If your firm can develop specialized marketing lists for specific services, then you can easily add these stale prospects or postponed leads to those marketing lists. Marketing will be able to continue sending targeted messages to them throughout the next several months or years and once they are ready to move forward with a discussion they can take a specific action and get put back on the business development radar. This is especially helpful so that business development isn’t trying to keep track of all the stale leads and client conversations that are being postponed while also trying to manage and focus on the newer, higher priority conversations that keep flowing in.

By aligning your messaging, you will have set information that your clients and prospects are gathering to know exactly what type of value they will receive. Utilizing targeted campaigns, you will be able to focus on key clients and prospects to develop their interest and buy-in to specific services. Then by using specialized marketing lists to continue nurturing and developing stale or postponed leads, you will make sure leads don’t fall off the radar completely while also freeing up your business development to focus on leads that are more pressing. While aligning your messaging, developing targeted campaigns and nurturing your stale or postponed leads are not the only ways that your business development and marketing efforts can support each other, they are three ways to start making big impacts up front.

As a Solutions Advisor for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Deanna works to help clients and prospective clients identify their dangers, opportunities and strengths. Once these are identified, she works to develop a personalized game plan for their firm to focus on the area, or areas, they need to improve on most. These areas are critical to a firm’s success and future-readiness; Leadership, Talent, Technology, Process and Growth.