A-Ha Moments & Lightbulb Dings from BTC Summit 2018

We just wrapped up another Boomer Technology Circles Summit, an event that brings together firm management, technology professionals, Lean Six Sigma leaders and solution providers from around the world to share knowledge, best practices and learn about the latest technologies and innovations in our profession. From keynote speakers to discussions among our members, we’re always excited to see a-ha moments bubble up. Here are a few of our favorites.

“If you look at IT as a cost center rather than a strategic asset,

IT will never get a seat at the table.”

The Boomer Briefing portion of the Summit always sparks lively conversation, as our members pose topics for our panel to answer. This year, Gary Boomer, Jim Boomer, Sandra Wiley and Marc Staut fielded questions on blockchain, trends in remote workers, what a firm’s IT department will look like in 2021, business transformation and more.

An ongoing topic in our Boomer Technology Circles is how IT leaders can get a seat at the table when it comes to big decisions being made in their firms. Our consultants reiterated the importance of recognizing IT as a strategic asset – a mindset shift that resonated with many of our attendees.

Your clients don’t want to buy your hours.

They want access to your knowledge.

Ed Kless, Senior Director of Partner Development and Strategy at Sage hosted a lively session titled Selling Your Brain: Creating Access-Level Agreements. Kless walked participants through the process of selling not hours of service, but access to the brains of professionals.

There will always be distractions, we need to do what we can

to minimize them, but also learn to adapt.

During the Boomer Briefing session, participants also posed a question about how to be productive and think big when faced with constant phone calls, emails and other interruptions. Our consultants provided a few tips, like implementing chat applications to curb the number of emails you receive and turning off notifications on your phone. But as one of our members, Dennis Sherrin of Hartmann Blackmon & Kilgore reminded us, distractions have always been there. On some level, we just need to learn to adapt.

Individuals and organizations who understand their identity

do so with clarity and confidence.

Our keynote speaker, Pete Smith of SmithImpact, gave everyone some food for thought when he pointed out that many of us let our feelings determine our actions and in turn determine our identity. That’s a problem because feelings are anything but predictable. A better way is to flip that around and let your identity determine your actions and feelings.

This is just a small peek at the fantastic insights and moments that resonated with our consultants, sponsors and members. What were your favorite moments from the Boomer Technology Circles Summit?


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