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You’re Invited! Join Us at the Blockchain Innovation Accelerator

As another busy season comes to an end, conference season starts to ramp up. At nearly every conference, seminar or symposium you attend, one topic we know you’ll be hearing a lot about is blockchain. In fact, you’ve probably been hearing about it at industry events for the last few years. Perhaps you’ve even attended one of my sessions on the topic.

However, it’s likely that most of what you’ve heard has been 30 to 40 minutes of a high-level overview of what blockchain is and why CPA firm leaders should care. At this point, everyone knows why blockchain is relevant to the future of the profession. The next bridge to cross is figuring out what you can do NOW to take action on it.

To help you cross that bridge, Marc Staut and I are facilitating a Blockchain Innovation Accelerator on July 10, 2018, at the Accounting Innovation Center.

In this one-day workshop, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at blockchain beyond what you’ll hear at a conference and give you a better understanding of how blockchain will impact your firm and your clients.

Although we’re diving deeper into the workings of blockchain technology than a typical conference session, don’t worry. We’re not getting too technical here. As Gary Boomer likes to say, “You don’t have to know how the watch works to be able to tell time.” Likewise, you don’t need a deep technical understanding of blockchain technology to start having conversations with your staff and clients about it and its impact. Yes, it’s a technical topic, but this workshop is not just for your IT people. It’s also for managing partners, CEOs, COOs, CIOs, firm administrators and partners in charge of audit, tax and advisory services.

You’ll walk away with a more thorough understanding of blockchain, a timeline for its impact and, most importantly, a practical action plan to take back to your firm and your clients.

If you just know that blockchain is a new type of database, a distributed ledger, then you don’t know enough. No matter your level of understanding, if you are interested in learning how to prepare for this disruptive technology, I hope you’ll join us for the Blockchain Innovation Accelerator this summer.


Amanda Wilkie, Consultant at Boomer Consulting, Inc., has a computer science background, but she’s not your average geek. With two decades of technology experience, Amanda has spent 13 years driving change and process improvement through innovative technology solutions working across firms of varying sizes in the public accounting profession. She has held strategic leadership positions in firms ranging from Top 50 to Top 10 including her most recent role as CIO of a Top 30 firm.

Amanda is a recognized expert in the profession who regularly speaks and writes on blockchain and cryptocurrency and their impact on the profession.

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