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How I Became a Better Employee (and a Better Parent) with a Task Management System

My husband and I were blessed to welcome our first child last summer, beginning the most exciting time in our lives. Returning to work, however, was one of the hardest moments I experienced in my adult life. I had a passion for what I did in my professional life. I loved being an accountant. I loved the systems and processes I had put in place to accomplish my day to day activities. I lived for perfection. And though I occasionally fell short (as all humans do), I had transformed my work to be a well-oiled machine. Then, my entire world changed.

The changes that came with being a mom not only changed my personal life in ways I hadn't imagined, they fundamentally changed my professional life. I had lived to be an accountant, and while my passions still drove my professional life, I had a new job title: Mom. When you strive for a certain level of perfection, how do you balance every job and role you have both personally and professionally?

For me, I struggled to find the right balance. During the time when parents lack sleep, I lived in a fog and was unable to concentrate at work. When I found my groove at work, I was missing important moments at home and lacked a connection to my family. I experimented with scheduling and shifting job duties to find the right balance and eventually it fell into place. It took several weeks to find the balance I needed, and I continuously reassess this balance to ensure I am fully applying myself in all aspects of my life.

In my quest for balance, I began a search for the perfect task management system. I started living my life through my task lists. When I was home and thought of work, I had a place to put tasks and thoughts. When I was at work, I was still able to manage my home life through a shared task list. I largely credit using a task management system with being able to find the balance I needed.

Task management solved the balance I needed in my mental space, but I also needed to realign my passions for life. I looked at applying my unique abilities, finding my path for leadership and learning to manage my capacity for both work and home. In doing this, I found ways to manage both my personal and professional life that I have never been able to do before. I learned that when you are doing the things you love and that are well suited to your unique abilities, success and work come easy. This is certainly easier said than done, but I have no doubt that without reassessing my unique abilities and passions for life, I would still be living in a disorganized and stressful state.

There is no right or wrong path to finding your balance, especially after major life events. Find ways to free up mental space, which could mean utilizing a task management system. Fall back to your unique abilities and ask yourself, am I truly suited for this? Looks for ways to delegate or outsource things better suited for someone else, giving you more time to truly focus on the passions you have for your family and work.


Samantha is the Operations Accountant for Boomer Consulting, Inc. Her primary duties include managing the financial operations, handling travel arrangements and providing administrative support to the shareholders. She also works closely with the Director of 10X Operations to maintain and improve the use of software and web base applications to ensure they line up with our SamePage initiative.