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SafeSend Returns Announces Support of UltraTax CS™

Automated Assembly & Delivery of Tax Returns in Less Than 4 Minutes

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 26, 2019 -- SafeSend Returns, the award-winning automated electronic assembly & delivery system announced support of UltraTax CS™ prepared tax returns. The initial release will support 1040s, shortly followed by additional return types: 1041, 1120, 1120s, and 1065. Firms utilizing the Thomson Reuters™ tax solution UltraTax CS™ can now deploy SafeSend Returns to their tax preparation teams to reduce assembly & delivery time down to just four minutes or less.

SafeSend Returns is the only industry solution that provides accounting firms an automated, centralized and standardized way to assemble and deliver tax returns digitally; eliminating manual time and labor by the firm's staff and providing the best taxpayer experience on the market. Feature highlights include auto-collation & assembly, e-signatures for 8879s, estimated payment (ES) coupon presentment, ES payment options, email reminders, K1 distribution and tax preparation fee invoices with direct payment options.

Andrew Hatfield co-Founder of SafeSend Returns, commented on the new offering: "Support of firms using UltraTax CS™ was a natural progression for SafeSend Returns as over a third of the Top 300 firms are currently users. Firms of all sizes love the $40per return savings! We are thrilled to be extending the benefits of the only all-inclusive electronic assembly & delivery system on the market today, that automates and organizes tax returns in minutes, to firms preparing returns with UltraTax CS™." He continued, "With 250,000 returns estimated to be processed for the 2018 tax season, using the SafeSend Returns delivery system, the profession continues to embrace new technologies that optimize workflows and improve the taxpayer experience."

SafeSend Returns is the winner of the Innovation in Tax & Accounting award by CPA Practice Advisor Magazine in 2016 and 2017; a transformational product that automates the tax return assembly and delivery process to ensure forward-thinking firms are truly digital. The solution takes the manual labor and cost out of assembling, delivering and tracking tax returns while dramatically improving the client experience.

Automation is a top priority of CPA firms looking to reduce overhead costs and take the pains out of repetitive tax season processes. SafeSend Returns provides the most streamlined tax return assembly & delivery process in the tax and accounting profession for both individual and business returns. The old paper-based processes are costly, outdated and inefficient. SafeSend Returns is transforming the way tax returns are completed and moving the needle on true automation. To learn more about the new support of tax returns prepared with UltraTax CS™, or to schedule a demo, visit SafeSend.com/SafeSend-Returns.

About SafeSend Returns

SafeSend Returns, a cPaperless product, is the only all-inclusive electronic system that automates and organizes tax return assembly and delivery in less than four minutes. Providing easy-to-use software for tax and accounting firms, the company has redefined the way accounting firms distribute tax returns to taxpayers. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual and physical delivery of tax returns prepared in CCH® Axcess™ and ProSystem fx™ as well as Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS™. For more information, visit http://www.safesend.com.