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Client Spotlight: Kate Krupey

Firm Name: KatzAbosch

Location: Timonium, MD

# of Offices: 3

# of Partners: 22

# of Employees: ~100

Security is a top priority for CPA firms. Your network can be bulletproof to hackers, your data encrypted, your team trained and your physical premises secure today. But tomorrow a new threat will emerge. How can firms stay on top of a constantly evolving security environment?

That’s one of the issues Kate Krupey faced when she joined KatzAbosch as Chief Information Officer in 2009.

Kate earned a degree in Psychology from Drexel University and immediately went to work in IT because that’s where she saw people making money. She spent a few years working in network integration, software development, and managing networks. Along the way, Krupey earned the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Project Management Professional (PMP) designations and gained people development and leadership skills.

When the startup she was working for went under, Krupey started her own company doing training and project management work, but eventually wanted to find a full-time position working for someone else. When the opportunity with KatzAbosch came up, Krupey wasn’t sure it was the right fit because she thought, after helping the firm through initial IT improvements, a 100-person firm wouldn’t have enough work to keep her job interesting. “Eight years later, I’m still here,” she laughs.

While there are always improvements to be made, Krupey says her role now is “not just about technology, but about making the organization more profitable, improving retention, being more efficient and creating capacity so people aren’t so burnt out or can do more interesting work.”

A rich source of information and relationships

A couple years after joining KatzAbosch, Krupey met Peter Scavuzzo, CIO of Marcum at a Leading Edge Alliance meeting and began peppering him with questions. “I’d worked with professional service firms before, but I’d never seen anything like a CPA firm environment,” Krupey says. Scavuzzo pointed her to the Boomer Technology Circles for answers.

Krupey says the BTC was like a lifeline in the beginning. “Now it’s a rich source of relationships that go beyond general networking,” she says. “It’s great to learn from the other members, and I feel privileged when I get to present and give back.”

Security training as part of firm culture

Recently, Krupey gave a presentation about security to her firm’s board of directors, who asked how she manages to stay on top of security with everything going on. Krupey was delighted to respond with the ways that BTC assists her with staying on top of the profession.”

“I get to talk to other firms about what they’re doing and seeing. I find out where they’re stumbling in implementation, get an understanding of what we’re facing from a security standpoint and look at solutions,” Krupey says. “It cuts down on the time it would take to keep tabs on what’s going on.”

Get to know Kate

Krupey grew up in Baltimore, MD. Her father taught elementary school in the 1980’s when PCs were becoming popular, and Krupey helped him teach computer software to the other teachers. She partly credits this experience with her interest and aptitude for technology in her professional life.

Today, Krupey enjoys spending time with her 11-year-old son and six-year-old daughter. She also enjoys cooking and once spent 22 hours straight cooking one Thanksgiving dinner where all of the recipes were new.


The Boomer Technology Circles

The Boomer Technology Circles are technology-focused communities that bring together firm and IT leadership from peer accounting firms. Members share knowledge, experiences and insights to help one another with management and technology decisions. Members meet three times per year and benefit from access to top solution providers and influencers within the profession.

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