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The Benefits of Obtaining CPE Credits Through an IT Distributor

CPAs must complete continuing professional education (CPE) hours to maintain their certifications and continue working in the profession. Because laws, standards, and business practices constantly evolve, these CPE hours are critical to CPAs staying knowledgeable and updated on the latest changes. The courses, which the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) must approve, are time-consuming, cost money, and sometimes provide little value to daily operations. The CPA business model has also changed significantly over the years, from focusing on accounting services to providing financial planning, leadership consulting, and IT services. To support these expanded services, the breadth of NASBA-approved courses has also grown to cover various topics outside of accounting. Fortunately, CPAs can select the classes and the provider to complete the CPE requirements. Choosing NASBA-approved courses through an IT provider offers CPAs the following three benefits.

Impacts their business.

Initially, CPE courses provided CPAs with important industry updates, changes, and regulations to stay knowledgeable and effective in their field. However, with the easy availability of the information supplied through the internet, CPAs learn about industry changes much faster than before, making these courses less valuable. By selecting a course offered by a NASBA-approved IT distributor, they will learn impactful ways to improve their operations and build thriving practices while meeting their CPE requirements. This approach allows CPAs to broaden their knowledge base and expand their business into new areas. Completing classes focused on their desired field will provide CPAs significant value and empower them to grow effectively in that market. Provides IT knowledge.

Technology advancements provide innovations that are rapidly changing the way businesses operate. As companies begin relying more on technology, they require additional services. For this reason, many CPA firms have started offering IT consulting services to help their clients keep pace with the rapid changes. To provide their clients with the best value and expertise, CPAs must continue to educate themselves on the market and products. Many IT providers offer classes and training to help their partners build effective IT practices and achieve success. Some of these providers are NASBA approved, making these courses an even more attractive option for a CPA. By choosing NASBA-approved courses offered through their IT provider, CPAs will earn their CPE hours and learn best practices for developing and growing a successful IT branch of their business.

Presented in several formats. People digest information differently, which is why presenting trainings in various formats is critical to its effectiveness. Additionally, CPAs must make time for the CPE hours required to complete, so making them available in multiple delivery methods is even more necessary. Some people will need an instructor-led class where they can hear the information and have the opportunity to ask questions. Others may also need an instructor to explain it but not to ask questions, allowing a recorded video session to suffice. Many people can read and understand information on their own and prefer an online self-paced class. Finding a provider that offers courses in multiple formats will help CPAs digest and use the information effectively.

Like the industry, CPE course topics continue to expand into several business areas, including IT. CPAs offering these solutions must be knowledgeable on the latest technologies, market trends, and industry requirements. Partnering with a distributor that provides NASBA-approved courses will deliver significant value to the CPA’s business while meeting the CPE requirements. Additionally, many offer courses in various formats, ensuring each individual at the firm can obtain the information in their desired format. With so many NASBA-approved courses now available, CPAs have an incredible opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools to expand their practice effectively and achieve incremental success.


Jefferson Keith

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Pax8

Jefferson (J) Keith brings over 20 years of financial management experience to Pax8. As Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, he leads the global expansion initiative through Merger and Acquisition activities, collaborative partnerships, and entrance into new channels. J has been with the company since its launch in 2013, driving strategic programs to enable the company’s growth, scale, and impact. J is passionate about cloud technology and has spent the last few years redefining technology advisory services at Pax8. His innovative approach and the simplicity of cloud technology enable business advisors to become a single source of cloud consumption for clients while driving their digital transformation.

J joined Arthur Andersen after graduation from the University of Colorado, Denver, with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Accounting. He has held senior accounting and finance management positions with several companies, including First Data, MX Logic, and McAfee. J serves as a Treasurer for Denver’s City Park Jazz and enjoys escaping to his art studio to paint.


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