• Arianna Campbell, Shareholder

The Power of Intentional Thinking

Intentional, focused thinking is the best way to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Great firms understand this and make every effort to capitalize on the collective intelligence of the firm’s staff.

In John Maxwell’s 2003 book, Thinking for a Change, the author explores how skilled thinking can increase both personal and professional success. Maxwell notes, "Those who embrace good thinking as a lifestyle understand the relationship between their level of thinking and their level of progress.” This statement is particularly applicable to professional services firms. To provide excellent service, professionals must challenge themselves to continuously improve and think past common solutions and practices.

Maxwell provides the following benefits of strategic thinking:

  • It simplifies the difficult

  • It prompts you to ask the RIGHT questions

  • It prompts customization

  • It reduces the margin of error

  • It prepares you today for an uncertain tomorrow

  • It gives you influence with others

Strategic thinking is most effective when a structure and guidelines are in place, allowing you to focus the most energy on the important issues. Maxwell lists the following steps for successful strategic thinking:

  • Break down the issue

  • Ask why before how

  • Identify the real issues and objectives

  • Review your resources

  • Develop your plan

  • Put the right people in the right place

  • Keep repeating the process

The best of the best firms make good thinking a priority throughout the year. Commit to placing strategic thinking and planning at the top of your firm’s priority list today.


As a consultant for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Arianna Campbell helps accounting firms challenge the status quo by leading process improvement initiatives that result in increased profitability and client satisfaction. She also facilitates the development and cultivation of future firm leaders in The P3 Leadership Academy™ Academy. Internally, she blends concepts from Lean Six Sigma and leadership development to drive innovation and continuous improvement within the company. Arianna also enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge through regular contributions to the Boomer Bulletin and other industry-wide publications, as well as public speaking at industry conferences.