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Recruiters Workshop

2022 Recruiters Workshop Recording - $195

Being in recruiting for an accounting firm can feel like you’re alone on an island. Recruiters have a huge responsibility in “normal times,” and that responsibility has only grown in the past year as many firms have transitioned to fully remote or blended workplaces. 

The Boomer Recruiters Workshop is a one-day, intense virtual mastermind experience to allow accounting firm recruiters to share wisdom and exchange best practices so they can feel confident recruiting the best talent for 2022 and beyond. 

What we’ll cover: 

  • Best practices when it comes to recruiting and how to accelerate your firm 

  • The Employee experience starts at the recruiting process and how to improve your process 

  • Igniting Innovation presentations from peers, helping firms to elevate recruiting efforts 

  • Resources recruiters in the accounting profession are using 


You can check out the full agenda here. 

or contact Solutions at 888-266-6375 or Email

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