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"The main thing is that you have a plan. When you have that plan & keep your partners accountable - you get things done!"

Rich Kikuchi, Managing Partner, LSL CPAs and Advisors

1. Complete Interest Form

Provide us with basic information regarding your firm and your firm's Strategic Planning needs.

2. We Connect

One of our Solutions Advisors and an Industry Leading Consultant will review your application and will reach out to schedule a short call to discuss your needs.

3. Create Game Plan

You will have clarity on your firm's most critical objectives and a plan allowing you to focus and take action.

4. Implement & See Results

A great plan doesn't mean much without implementing and taking action. We will guide you to ensure you take the most direct path to seeing the results you want.

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“Going through the Strategic Planning process has given us the courage to do what we needed to realize the growth we've achieved, including raising fees."
Alan Long, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Managing Member, Baldwin CPAs
What makes Boomer Strategic Planning
& Visioning so different?

When it comes to strategic planning and visioning, many CPA firms are so close to their dangers, opportunities and strengths they don't know where to start. The Boomer Strategic Planning & Visioning process provides firms clarity and understanding so they can focus on the right objectives at the right time.


We know how hard it can be to create an effective strategic plan and have helped firms break through the complexity.  It begins with a vision, mission and core values, which is the foundation for any high performing engaged firm. When you have a clear one-page strategic plan or strategic vision, your entire firm begins "rowing in the same direction" resulting in a high-performing, engaged firm focused on your most critical business objectives.


The Boomer Strategic Planning & Visioning process has been refined by working with hundreds of CPA firms over the last two decades. The process focuses on building consensus and alignment while determining strategic objectives, measurements, supporting initiatives, due dates and responsible parties. All of this is built on your firms Vision, Mission and Core Values.


Your firm will benefit from our facilitators specializing in the accounting profession and bringing the experience and knowledge from what other leading CPA firms are doing. Our facilitators are experts in building consensus and managing the many different dynamics that are present during a strategic planning session. Your firm will leave your strategic planning session with a clear one-page strategic plan that includes built in accountability. 


When you leverage the Boomer Strategic Planning & Visioning process, you will:


  1. Build consensus and achieve buy-in while encouraging multiple viewpoints and leveraging the skills and experiences of each of your team members.

  2. Gain confidence your firm is positioned for the future by focusing your resources on the right priorities.

  3. Integrate ongoing accountability throughout the year to ensure your firm will follow through on your strategic plan.

  4. Increase firm-wide collaboration and value resulting in your entire firm focusing on the right objectives at the right time.

  5. Benefit from decades of thought leadership and experience facilitating strategic planning sessions for hundreds of leading CPA firms.


Now more than ever, CPA firms need to be aligned with a focused strategic plan, and a strong vision for their future. Schedule your Strategic Plan & Visioning today.



Why? Because accountability and execution differentiates great firms from those that are just maintaining the status quo.


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What You Get With The Boomer
Strategic Planning & Visioning Process
  • Firm-wide consensus and buy-in on the firm's vision for the future

  • A customized approach tailored to your firm

  • Experience from over two decades of thought leadership and working with hundreds of CPA firms

  • A clear, strategic plan with a strong vision for your future

  • Built in accountability throughout the year

  • Knowledge of how Leadership relates to Talent, Process, Technology and Growth. 

or contact Megan Schottler at 888-266-6375 or Email

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“In order to maximize your profitability, you need a written plan detailing your firm’s strategy. Our one-page system reduces the time required, builds consensus, provides consistent communications, ensures accountability and is easy to maintain.”   

– L. Gary Boomer