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 Improve your value proposition and accelerate progress by gaining insight
into the accounting profession's trends and mindsets.


Jim Boomer, CEO, Boomer Consulting, Inc. 

1. Complete Interest Form

Provide us with basic information regarding your and your companies needs in the area of consulting.

2. We Connect

One of our Solutions Advisors and an Industry Leading Consultant will review your form and will reach out to schedule a short call to discuss your needs.

3. Create Game Plan

You will have clarity on your companies most critical objectives and a plan allowing you to focus and take action.

4. Implement & See Results

A great plan doesn't mean much without implementing and taking action. We will guide you to ensure you take the most direct path to seeing the results you want.

or contact Megan Schottler at 888-266-6375 or Email

L. Gary Boomer, Visionary & Strategist, Boomer Consulting, Inc.
What makes Boomer Vendor Consulting so different?

When it comes to marketing your products to accounting firms, many vendors don't have the right connections or knowledge of the profession to successfully design and market their products successfully. The Boomer Vendor Consulting process provides insight into the trends and mindsets of the accounting profession so they can create value firms will recognize.


We know how hard it can be to get traction in the accounting market, and have helped many vendors create successful go-to-market strategies. It begins with a deep understanding of the accounting profession and its needs. When you get insight into the profession, the challenges its professionals face and potential roadblocks you may encounter along the way, you can build relationships and develop a plan that will meet with success in the marketplace.


The Boomer Vendor Consulting process has been refined by working with hundreds of solution providers over the past two decades. The process focuses on sharing our insights into the accounting profession and exploring opportunities to get your products in front of the right people. All of this is built on your company's vision, products and platform.


Your company will benefit from our specialization in the accounting profession and the experience and knowledge we've gained from decades of working with leading accounting firms. Our consultants and solutions are recognized as thought leaders and powerful influencers throughout the profession. 


When you leverage the Boomer Vendor Consulting process, you will:

  • Gain insight into the accounting profession from consultants with decades of experience working with the accounting profession's leaders.

  • Make connections with firms and other vendors that can help you build relationships that will propel you to success.

  • Craft a clear go-to-market plan that capitalizes on identified strategic opportunities.

  • Receive ongoing assistance in executing your plan and focusing your resources on the right priorities.


Now more than ever, solutions advisors need to align themselves with thought leaders and innovators to break through the noise in the accounting profession and successfully launch their products. Schedule your Vendor Consulting session today.


Why? Because insight, connection and execution differentiate successful solution providers from those that are struggling to get traction in the market.


or contact Megan Schottler at 913-800-6697 or Email

  • Insight into the trends and mindsets in the accounting profession

  • Ongoing relationships with firms and other potential vendors/partners

  • A clear go-to-market plan 

  • Ongoing assistance in executing your plan 

or contact Megan Schottler at 913-800-6697 or Email

CPE Information

Gary Boomer

Visionary & Strategist




Marc Staut

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Amanda Wilkie


What You Get With Boomer's Vendor Consulting

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 5 Ways to Manage Firms Risks

Through IT Leadership

“Today, the most successful firm shave CIOs to take that burden off of their plates, so partners are freed up to focus on other areas of the firm. However, to really bring about innovation and efficiency that will drive the next level growth of your firm, filling that position is just the beginning. Firm leaders also need to give their CIOs the tools and resources to help IT drive business growth.Click to read five strategies to get you started.”   

– Marc Staut, Chief Innovation & Information Officer

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