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2023 Boomer Technology Circles Summit
August 13- 16, 2023

Keynote Speaker


Alex Dorr


Reality-Based Leadership

Ditching the Drama, Moving Teams Beyond Ego and 

Turning Excuses Into Results  

As leaders we are constantly called to deliver aggressive agendas with limited resources in complex environments. The last year and a half has caused even more challenges in our leadership realities and many are learning that our new circumstances are going to require a more modernized leadership approach. 


The modern role of a leader, in today’s reality, will require less managing people and more emphasis on managing the energy of people. Regardless of the dynamic of the group they are interacting with, the true leader of a situation is the one that is able to manage the energy of the group away from “why we can’t” or “why we shouldn’t have to” and put that energy into, “What are we trying to create? And how can we get there?” The new role of the leader is to reveal inspiration in their people by managing energy away from drama and redirect it towards results and happiness at work. 


Reality-Based Leadership gives leaders the tools, techniques and proven coaching models to skillfully navigate the interferences of drama that derail the success, cohesiveness and engagement of the teams they lead or interact with. These tools are highly effective in a variety of leadership situations and help to quickly manage conversations to move beyond excuses, hardwire personal accountability while ensuring teams are ready for what’s next moving forward. 


Participants will take away an increased understanding of the main sources of drama that derail their teams and how to quickly move beyond them with simple tools to free themselves and their teams up to deliver on the goals of the business even in transformative times 


In this session, participants will: 

  • Clarify the new role of a leader as energy managers that move teams beyond drama 

  • Identify the main sources of drama that erode accountability and limit results 

  • Learn simple self-reflection tools to quickly bypass ego and move people to ‘high-self’ 

  • Understand the link between personal accountability, happiness and results 

  • Learn the skills to build resilience in the modern workplace 

  • Demonstrate the factors that develop a sustainability mindset of high accountability 

  • Practice the SBAR coaching tool to hardwire accountability and move teams into problem-solving 




Alex envisions a world where work is effortless, and teams are drama-free.


Standing side-by-side since 2015 with NY Times Bestselling author and thought leader Cy Wakeman, Alex collaborates with organizations and leaders globally to help them ditch the drama from the workplace, hardwire accountability in their teams and turn excuses into results.


Everything that Alex does is designed to help people understand that success and happiness is their natural state as a human being – once the drama is gone. With this core belief, Alex’s passion is revealing to those he works with that once people carve away drama from their lives – the same job they found themselves upset with today, becomes the job they look forward to and love tomorrow.


As a keynote speaker and trainer, he helps organizations exchange the endless argument for a DIFFERENT workplace reality for a shifted perspective that enables them to start achieving more success and fulfillment in their CURRENT workplace reality.


In addition to sharing the Reality-Based philosophy from the stage, Alex is also a quintessential part of Cy Wakeman’s content creation and media team spreading the ditch the drama message online. Over the last three years, his expertise, insights and execution have helped to balloon her online community of raving fans from 15,000 to 150,000 followers across platforms.


As the host of The Carvery Podcast with Alex Dorr (available on Apple iOS, Google Play and Simplecast), he shares his journey, stories, and insights as a Reality-Based speaker and practicing drama defuser to help others carve away their own drama and start calling those they lead to greatness.


Although Alex stands in at 6’6” tall and is commonly told at events, “you look a lot taller up close,” he prides himself on being down to earth or better yet, grounded in reality.


An advocate for mental minimalism and former professional basketball player, Alex holds a MSc International Business from the University of Derby (England) and his client list includes the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bank of America, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Salesforce, Medtronic, Kaiser Permanente, John Deere, Adobe, Nationwide, BKD, US Department of Commerce, Expedia Group, the University of Oregon and the National Association of Credit Management (AICPA), among others. 

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