A community of Managing Partners & IT talent leaders helping one another improve in leadership, firm performance and plan for the future.

"A community where you share ideas and hear concepts from different perspectives helps you understand if you are moving in the right direction."

Dennis Sherrin, Managing Shareholder, Hartmann Blackmon & Kilgore

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“Our group of firms are from all over the country - different markets, different services, attract different clients - but 80% of our problems are the same."
Jeff Harr, Managing Partner , BHM CPA Group
What makes the Boomer UK Advantage Circle™ so different?

The Boomer UK Advantage Circle™ provides you a peer group of Managing Partners and Talent leaders to help keep your leadership skills sharp, improve firm performance and plan for future success.

Leading a successful and growing Accounting firm is hard, even with a strong leadership group. When you have a peer group of other Managing Partners, you learn what did and didn't work for other firms and gain confidence that you are leading your firm in the right direction. Having confidence will allow you to make smarter, and quicker, decisions.

Implementing initiatives to improve recruitment, retention, collaboration, and engagement can be challenging, especially without outside support. The Boomer UK Advantage Circle™ helps HR and Talent professionals get the support they need to become better HR and Talent leaders and turn their firms into an employer of choice.  

We know how hard it can be to gain confidence that you are making the best HR and Talent decisions in your firm. We've helped hundreds of professionals, from all areas of an Accounting firm, find their community and gain that confidence. When you have a peer group of other HR and Talent leaders, you are better equipped to prepare your firm for the future.

The Boomer UK Advantage Circle™ brings together Managing Partners and Talent leaders from around the country to share knowledge, best practices and propel each other to a higher level of success. Members meet two times a year and stay connected between meetings via an online community platform.  

When you join the Boomer UK Advantage Circle™, you will: 


  1. Learn in a trusted, non-competitive environment that encourages sharing of lessons and best practices from real-life experiences from managing partners at some of the profession’s top firms. 

  2. Improve personal leadership and management skills while discovering which new ideas to implement and which pitfalls to avoid. You will benefit from knowing what has and hasn't worked for other firms.

  3. Have access to top experts and solution providers that are dedicated to helping you and your firm make smart management decisions. While hearing the most up to date and future-focused initiatives.

  4. Build trusted, lifelong, personal and professional relationships relationship resulting in a strong network of peers to lean on throughout your career and as your firm grows and evolves.

  5. Plan for success and be held accountable as you strive to push your firm forward. 


Now more than ever, managing partners need to tap into the power of a peer community to shape their firms for the future. Without that, it’s hard to know when you are on the right track.  Join the Boomer UK Advantage Circle™ today.


Why? Because your clients and the future of your firm depend on it.


or contact Brian Coventry at +44 0330 025 0129 or Email

The Details of Your Membership

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or contact Brian Coventry at +44 0330 025 0129 or Email


Download the Highlights from the inagural

Boomer Advantage UK Circle™ Meeting

To give you a better idea of the topics members of the Boomer UK Circles are discussing, we've compiled the Highlights from our inaugural meeting. In this report, you will get a glimpse of the depth and breadth of conversations members are having as they reduce risk, save time & money, and improve firm strategy.

Brian Coventry

Principal & Consultant

Boomer UK Advantage Circle 


Sandra Wiley


Marc Staut

Principal & Consultant

2018 Autumn Meeting

15th - 16th October

London, UK