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"I expect the applications from this course to pay dividends for the next decade in our firm."

Billy Robinson, Partner, Brown, Edwards and Company

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Attend the 4-day training and learn process improvement skills specifically tailored for accounting firms. Learn alongside other accounting

firm leaders.

3. Complete Project

Once you've completed the training, select a firm process improvement project to implement your new skills.

4. Get Certified

Upon completion of the project, you will receive your Lean Six Sigma Accounting Green Belt Certification and will officially become one of your firms

in-house process experts.

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"Our team is enthused. One said it is the “best week he has had since joining Macpage”.  We have great resources, and we can see a path for employing them more effectively. This all feeds my optimism."
Thomas O'Donnell, CPA, Principal, Macpage, LLC 
What makes Boomer Lean Six Sigma 
Accounting Green Belt Certification so different?

When it comes to Lean Six Sigma process improvement certifications, there are many general trainings available across the country and online. However, Accounting Firm leaders need a certification program specifically tailored to the accounting profession - both for your internal processes as well as potentially consulting with your clients. The Boomer Lean Six Sigma Accounting Green Belt Certification is the only Lean Six Sigma certification program that is customized to the accounting profession.

We know how difficult it can be to improve processes and have helped hundreds of accounting firm leaders gain efficiencies. Because this certification program is designed for you and your firm, the learning curve is shorter resulting in you making improvements in your firm much quicker. 

The Boomer Lean Six Sigma Accounting Green Belt Certification will give you a toolbox of Lean and Six Sigma tools to help with problem-solving and process improvement projects all within a 4-day training.


When you become Green Belt Certified for your firm, you will:


  1. Learn breakthrough process improvement strategies, including lean, project management and workflow management strategies that are proven to improve firm performance.

  2. Gain effective communication strategies that will help you become a better, more trusted advisor.

  3. Become more effective at facilitating a team and gaining much needed buy-in and accountability to better implement improvement within your firm and with your clients.

  4. Better align what clients value with firm processes, while eliminating bottlenecks.


Now more than ever, accounting firms need to sustain long-term productivity and efficiency. When you are able to facilitate process improvement projects, you'll soon see that efficiency benefits all areas of your firm. Register for the Boomer Lean Six Sigma Accounting Green Belt Certification today.


Why? Because implementing proven process improvement techniques will pay dividends now and into the future.


or contact Brian Coventry at +44 0330 025 0129 or Email


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What You Get With the
Boomer Lean Six Sigma Accounting Green Belt Certification
  • Breakthrough Process Improvement Strategies

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Training & Development to Become a Trusted Advisor

  • Change Management Expertise

Registration fee does not include travel & hotel accommodations

Customized memberships available

or contact Brian Coventry at +44 0330 025 0129 or Email

2019 Dates coming soon


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Why Lean?

“Firms that complete Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects have benefited from gains in efficiency, quality, profitability and the capacity to offer higher value services.”  

– Dustin Hostetler, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt