A community of accountancy firms and technology leaders striving to excel in leadership, technology, management, growth and processes.

"Some of the best decisions our firm has made originated from ideas, discussions and interactions that took place at Boomer Circle meetings."


Jim Bourke, Partner, WithumSmith+Brown

2019 Date and Location

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What makes the Boomer Advantage UK Circle™ so different?

Most accountancy firms are interested in excelling in every area of their organization. However, it can be difficult to stay current on global trends and best practices firms are leveraging. As a result, many accountancy firms don't know what they don't know and fail to capitalize on current opportunities and best prepare for longer-term growth.  


The Boomer Advantage UK Circle brings together accountancy firm and technology leaders to assist one another in excelling in the five areas critical to their firm's success: leadership, technology, management, growth and processes.


We know how challenging it can be to know whether your firm is focused on the right things at the right time and have helped hundreds of firms create strategies to do so.  And when your firm has clarity and confidence, your firm starts reducing risk, saving time and money, growing revenue and improving overall strategies for growth. 


When you attend the Boomer Advantage UK Circle, you will:


  1. Learn in a trusted, non-competitive environment that encourages sharing of lessons and best practices from real-life experiences from peers in similar positions as you in similar-sized firms.

  2. Gain confidence your firm is making the correct firm management and technology decisions while discovering which new ideas to implement and which pitfalls to avoid. You will benefit from knowing what has and hasn't worked for other firms.

  3. Have access to top experts and solution providers that are dedicated to helping you and your firm make smart management and technology decisions.

  4. Build trusted, lifelong, personal and professional relationships resulting in a strong network of peers to lean on throughout your career and as your firm grows and evolves.

  5. Plan for success and be held accountable as your strive to push your firm forward. 


Now more than ever, accountancy firms need confidence and clarity in the five areas critical to their success. If these five areas do not have clear alignment and strategies, your firm's growth will be restricted and less able to adapt to your clients' current and future needs. Join the Boomer Advantage UK Circle today.


Why? Because your clients and the future of your firm depend on it.


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"The success of an accountancy firm today is dependent on developing a culture that values leadership, talent, processes, technology and growth."


Jim Boomer, CEO, Boomer Consulting, Inc.

At The Boomer Advantage UK Circle, you will learn about global trends that are impacting the

accounting profession.


This engaging day will consist of thought leader presentations, success stories, peer sharing and group discussions.

or contact Brian Coventry at 

+44 0330 025 0129 or Email

The Boomer

Advantage UK Circle


Marc Staut

Principal & Consultant

Brian Coventry

Principal & Consultant

2017 Boomer advantage UK Circle

November 30, 2017

Hilton London Tower Bridge, London, UK


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