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Boomer Advantage UK Circle

Someone must think you’ll be a good fit for

our Boomer Advantage UK Circle!


If you were directed to this page by one of our members or sponsors, it is because they've used their "Golden Ticket" to invite you to attend the Boomer Advantage UK Circle.  The registration fee to attend one meeting without using this ticket would be about £3000!


Here’s the fine print:


“Admit one free” means that you don’t have to pay a registration fee.  Here are some of the things that are included:

  • You may attend and participate in the meeting

  • Breakfast and Lunch is included

  • You get to participate in any social and networking activities

Here are some of the things that aren’t included:

  • Travel

  • Accommodations.  (You don’t have to stay at our conference hotel but we do recommend it because of the extra convenience and networking opportunities)

  • Additional dining and social activities.  (Members typically eat dinner together at area restaurants and occasionally take in additional activities)


Here’s what you need to do to attend:

  • Complete and submit the pre-registration form below.  Since there is a limited amount of Golden Tickets available for the meeting, once we receive your information we’ll contact you to confirm your registration.  That’s it!

or contact Brian Coventry at +44 0330 025 0129 or Email

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