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Our Guide to Strategic Planning is organized for a quick read, allowing you to enter data, information and assumptions about your firm. Once completed, you have a model upon which to build your firm's vision and strategic initiatives. You will be introduced to a one-page plan, which is much easier to maintain than traditional plans that often number near 100 pages. In addition, we reveal how to integrate technology, staffing, marketing, and training in an approach that maximizes the return on your plan's investment.


Our Guide to Strategic Planning will serve as a powerful tool to assist you in becoming a leader in the industry.


The Guide Objectives are to:


  • Document your firm’s dangers, opportunities and strengths (D.O.S.)*
  • Devise a roadmap for growth—including vision, mission and core values
  • Sample Strategic Plans for marketing, technology and overall firm objectives
  • Utilize accompanying tools to assess your firm's progress
  • Learn to foster dialogue in order to sustain commitment each plan

Strategic Planning: A Boomer Advantage Guide

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